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You know we endeavour to make the use of our website the most comfortable, and thinking about the coming cruise arouse only positive emotions! Everyday, we seek how to improve our search engine to make the most of it to serve you and to give you detailed information at each stage or the booking/reservation process. Through thorough analysis we can implement changes advantageous for you – the users of YACHTIC – and improving the look and functionalities of the website. Do you want to know what we changed this time? Read more! Today, I am going to tell you about the visual layout and the changes that can really be helpful.

If you have been following our website for a longer period you probably know the design has changed. The new, transparent layout allows to significantly improve the yacht searching process, and the additional functions we have implemented are aimed to broaden your knowledge and help you make the final decision.


View our new website

Check how the most convenient online yacht charter search engine looks like now!


The new homepage and search engine

After you go to YACHTIC, you will see a big blue bar with filters you usually use to search for your perfect yacht. And so you can select you the place where you want to charter a yacht WITH THE ACCURACY OF A SINGLE MARINA! The intelligent search engine suggests the names of countries, regions and ports, what will be appreciated by people who love to go to their favourite and proven marinas or those who live or rent accommodation nearby (for example the option Sail&Stay). Next you can choose your yacht type: a sailing yacht, a motor yacht, a yacht with two hulls (catamaran), a gulet or just any of the above-mentioned. The next step is to determine the number of people (the size of the crew). The last point is setting the date. When re-designing the page, we did not forget of those of you who do not know all the details of the cruise yet. So if you want to visit Italy in May, you will only have to enter the charter location and the date!

Have you strictly specified your requirements?

However, if it is not enough, please feel free to use the DETAILED SEARCH option below. Thanks to additional, very helpful filters you can precisely determine the additional yacht equipment, interesting additions or the age of the yacht

Location of ports and special offers

There is a map under the search engine showing the location of particular marinas. So if you know where you want to sail from (e.g. the extremely south end of Croatia or the westernmost location in Italy), you can simply find it on the map and view the available yachts. This solution will be helpful not only when selecting the starting point, but also when planning the entire route of the cruise. There are two boxes next to the map: First Minute and Last Minute. They will help you find the best offer and compare the prices offered!

The most popular regions, our newest blog post and yacht types
Below, you can find the most popular regions chosen by you: Spain, Croatia, Greece and Italy with a description. After clicking a region you will be re-directed to a list of yachts you can rent in the given country!

Next to the right, you will find the newest post on our blog. We especially recommend it to those who are just planning to start their adventure with yachts as well as those who just want to broaden their knowledge.

The next box contains 4 types of yachts available at YACHTIC: sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans and gulets. If you don’t know the differences between them, you can just click the picture and find out more about the advantages, potential hazards of the chosen yacht type or simply check if it fits your needs. You will automatically see the highest rated units of the chosen type.

Not only a charter, but also advice!

The last section of the changed YACHTIC page are specially prepared guides that will help you “start” the first yacht charter, hire a skipper and get familiar with yachting itself. What kind of yacht for the first time? When to sail to enjoy good weather and avoid crowds at the same time? Where to sail from to guarantee a comfortable travel from and to the marina? Who is a skipper anyway? What do I need him or her for? Does he or she speak Polish, and if not – how can I communicate with him or her? You can easily find the answer for those questions on our website

I hope you liked this brief summary!


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