Weather forecast in Croatia

Weather information is a necessary element of cruise planning. As sometimes Croatian weather likes to change very quickly, it is important for the skipper to track the weather forecast online, compare it to actual conditions and take it under consideration during the entire cruise.

Online forecast

Currently, the most comfortable way to check the weather forecast is to use internet services. The basic source of information is the official weather forecast at The forecast is available in Crotian, English, German and Italian. It is updated at 06.00, 12.00, 18.00. In reality it is shown a little bit later, especially beyond the season. The Croatian version is updated in the first place, and then – the rest. The night weather is often not translated. What is important, this weather forecast includes local, Croatian conditions during the day and night to come. You can find also weather forecasts for the next 3 and 7 days on the same page.

Additional service where you can track the weather forecast are inter alia:

You can also use smarthphone applications, like Weather Pro or AccuWeather.

The above-mentioned Internet weather services give us an image of the situation, although their global models do not include the typically local phenomena and they should be treated rather like an addition than the basic source information. However, analysing information from the above-mentioned services, with a little bit of experience, we can quite precisely foresee the situation.

Through a radio

If you don’t have the access to the Internet, current weather forecast in Croatian and English are give on the UKF radio.

  • Radio Rijeka: hrs 07.35, 16.35 i 21.35 at UKF 24
  • Radio Split: hrs 07.45, 14.45, i 21.45 at UKF 07, 21, 23, 28 and 81
  • Radio Dubrovnik: hrs 08.25, 15.20 i 23.30 at UKF 04, 07, and 85

A tip for people who don’t know foreign languages well: record the message from the radio using e.g. a smartphone, so that you can listen to it a few times and it will be easier for you to understand.

In a marina

Next source of weather information are printed weather forecasts hanging in marinas and ports. They are the same official weather forecasts mentioned at the beginning of the article. You can ask for a printed copy of that forecast – nobody will refuse.

The experience of others

A valuable source of weather information are also people operating yachts at the jetties marineros and cashiers collecting fees, for example for buoys. Their forecasts are based on their own experience in terms of working on the sea.

I wish you good weather forever,
Jacek from YACHTIC

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