The most expensive yachts in the world

We will start by pointing out an important matter… We do not have them in our offer ?.

However, it is certainly worth seeing what the world’s biggest superyachts, which are worth a fortune, are equipped with. Interestingly, all these units are motor yachts, none of them have sails.

Are you interested in our list of the most expensive, but also the most interesting superyachts? Well, keep reading! Of course the biggest sensation appears at the end of the list.

Motor yacht “Al Said” worth about $300 million



As the name suggests, this yacht is owned by the Sultan of Oman – Qaboos Bin Said Al Said. It measures 155 metres, weighs almost 16 000 tonnes and has a maximum speed of 22 knots. At the time of the beginning of the construction of this unit, it was on the second place on the “podium” of the largest yachts, but today it has fallen to the fifth position.

The Sultan can invite as many as 65 people on board, although of course a large part of this is made up of the staff and crew of the yacht, i.e. people who deal with the navigation, guest service, galley or cleaning. It’s hard to get bored on board – you’ll find a cinema, a concert hall, a swimming pool, a helicopter landing field, a pitch or even a submarine! Additionally, each cabin is furnished in a truly luxurious style – with elegant furniture, a beautiful view and a comfortable bathroom.

Motor yacht “Superyacht A” worth about USD 323 million

Superjacht A


The lucky owner of this luxury unit is a Russian businessman and wealthy man, Andrei Melnichenko. Although this yacht does not have an impressive size, compared to other superyachts in the “Top 10” ranking, however, its value exceeds many other larger yachts. Why? Mainly because of Philipp Starck’s modern, if not futuristic project, which is known for its innovative ideas as well as rich and technologically advanced equipment. Superyacht A has 3 swimming pools for its guests, a helicopter landing pad, two boats hidden inside the yacht, and advanced entertainment systems.

It is not over yet! The Superyacht A is also bulletproof, with 35 surveillance cameras on board, movement sensors and entry protection only opened by fingerprints. The maximum speed of this superyacht is 23 knots.

Motor yacht “Dubai” worth approximately USD 350 million

Superyacht Dubai


“Dubai” measures 162 metres and has a maximum speed of 26 knots. The numerous cabins of this superyacht can accommodate up to 115 people in total. Its current owner is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai, the Prime Minister and Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates. Interestingly, however, its first owner and principal in 1996 was the Duke of Brunei – Jefri Bolkiah, who originally called the yacht “Platinum”. Unfortunately, he ran out of funds to complete the construction.

Seven-storey yacht Dubai was designed by Andrew Winch. Although it does not stand out from the outside, inside it we can find a real oriental climate. Inside you will find impressive, colourful mosaics covering floors and walls, a huge red couch for all VIPs on board, as well as characteristic glass stairs which change colour with the time of day due to natural sunlight.

Motor yacht “Eclipse” worth about $ 800 million

Superyacht Eclpise


The Eclipse superyacht is owned by another Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman and politician, who is also the owner of the English football club Chelsea F.C. Eclipse is 163.5 m long and 17.3 m wide. The maximum speed of the Eclipse superyacht is 25 knots. The yacht was created in Germany, in Hamburg.

Abramovich, just like Melnichenko, values safety and modern intruder protection systems, which is why the Eclipse, just like the Superyacht A, is equipped with bulletproof windows, motion sensors and even a ballistic missile system and a submarine hidden in the hull. The Russian billionaire also appreciates privacy, which is why his yacht also has anti-paparazzi systems to be able to dazzle photographers.

Motor yacht “History Supreme” worth about 5 billion dollars

Superyacht History Supreme


You may not believe it, but the History Supreme is a true glamour and splendour: gold, diamonds, dinosaur bones and even meteors! This is no joke! History Supreme is only 30 meters long, but its owner has accommodated so much wealth on such a small area that the yacht is worth a fortune (or more precisely, about 5 billion dollars). It was built in Great Britain, and its owner is Robert Kuok, a rich man from Malaysia.a

History Supreme is a real gold yacht, on which practically everything is either covered with precious stones or gold. The “furnishing” of the yacht was supervised by Stuart Hughes – a well-known jeweller who decorates furniture, cars, clothes and mobile phones with precious stones and metals on a daily basis. The bottom of the hull, the anchor, the owner’s cabin and the interior elements such as stairs, handles, taps and all handles are made of gold.

Are you impressed? ? Where would you like to spend your holidays?

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