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On our facebook profile you often ask about various issues related to yacht charter and yachting itself. Today, we will try to address those issues that have not yet been mentioned on our blog. Are you planning your first cruise? Be sure to read this post!

Does a yacht charter always last a week?

Of course not. Mostly holidaymakers choose to charter a yacht for a week or two, but you can easily opt for a longer cruise if it suits you and your crew. Usually charters start and end on Saturday, but if you are planning a shorter or a few days longer cruise, you will surely find an offer for you in the low season.

What does a skipper’s reward look like? Do I have to give him a tip?

This depends on your wishes. The general rule is that the skipper’s meals are provided by the crew, regardless of whether you eat on the yacht or in the restaurant. Don’t be surprised if the skipper goes to grocery shopping and covers the costs with the crew’s money. This is normal. If you decide that the skipper was competent, the sailing with him was safe and interesting, and the places he showed you were unique, you can appreciate his efforts by gratifying him… with a tip! The tip is usually given on the last day of the cruise and is on average 5 to 10% of the total charter price. What is important is that the amount of the tip increases with the level of satisfaction with the service ;)! Such an extra reward will surely make him happy and make him understand that he is good at what he does.

What to pack for a cruise with the kids?

We have already written about the children on the yacht many times, so below we will only write a few tips for those who plan to sail with children. The most important thing is their safety, so as parents make sure that the yacht has the right equipment for them, i.e. a weight-matched safety vest, safety net and safety belts. Don’t forget hat, glasses and a strong sunscreen, especially if you are going on a yacht in high season. Appropriate shoes with non-slip soles and bright shirts that will protect you from the burning sun at sea can be very helpful.

How are foreign ports equipped, for example in Croatia?

Croatian ports, with the rest as everywhere, are very diverse. There are more than 45 of them, so you will find modern, well-equipped, as well as those more “wild” and peaceful. In most marinas, for a small fee, you’ll be able to refill your water supply, recharge your battery or make minor repairs to your yacht. In the larger marinas, right next to the berth, there are restaurants, bars and stores. There are also convenient toilets and laundry facilities, which will be useful for longer cruises.

Is smoking allowed on the yacht?

Smoking below deck is prohibited. Not only because of the smell that disturbs many people, but also for safety reasons. After all, no one would want to deal with a fire caused inside the yacht. When it comes to smoking outside, it all depends on the shipowner and the captain who controls the particular yacht. However, we advise against smoking both inside and outside. A small gust of wind is enough for the heat from the cigarette to fall on – believe me – the expensive deck and burn a nasty hole in it, which can result in a painful deduction from the deposit. If you feel a strong need to smoke, just go down to the quay and take a walk!

How can I be sure that the yacht we booked will be waiting for us at the marina?

This question, against all odds, is a question that concerns many people who are planning their cruise. To increase your confidence, we should first get to know each other! You can find information about YACHTIC here. At the link above you will also check the certificates and attestations we have (insurance guarantees, entry in the Register of Tour Operators). We can assure you that after receiving your payment, we immediately transfer it to the account of the shipowner, who books your yacht in the marina of your choice and on the date set by your crew. When the time of your charter comes, your yacht will be waiting for the reception of your crew.

Do you still have any doubts? Write (info@yachtic.com) – let’s talk! Our experts will answer your questions and help you make the final decision.

Do you have more questions?

Check the “Questions and answers” on our website! You will find out how to search and book a yacht, and you will also expand your knowledge about yachting.

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