“Sail with friends!” program has started

We have prepared an attractive offer for you, which we hope will encourage you not only to sail, but also to share this passion with your friends. The € 50 bonus for both the new customer and the one who has already set up an account is a pretty decent incentive for us. Get to know the details of the program!

The rules are simple. When booking a yacht on YACHTIC.com, enter the name and surname of a friend who also has an account with us in the “Comments to booking” field. If you both book the yachts during the program and pay the first installment, you will receive a bonus of the same amount.

Why is it worth it?

We want you to recommend sailing to your friends. In our opinion, it is worthwhile for everyone to experience it at least once in their life. The start bonus from YACHTIC.com is a great start to your cruise and yachting adventure. In the program “Sail with friends!” both sides always gain: the one who recommends us to others and the one who comes by recommendation. Both receive a bonus of the same amount.

For whom?

Using the program is most profitable when one of the booking persons is a new customer of YACHTIC.com. Then the value of the bonus is 50 Euro. But also former customers can benefit from this, if both customers had accounts with us before, they can still count on a bonus of 25 Euro.

Where’s the catch?

The biggest advantage of the “Sail with friends!” is the clarity of the rules and guaranteed benefits for each participant. There is no “catch”. Because when booking a yacht with us, you always have the lowest price guarantee, the bonus in the program is another financial benefit that we offer to you. You gain double, and apart from you – also your friend or loved one. It really pays off and does not involve any risk.

Importantly, you both need to make a reservation while the program is running, but you don’t have to sail at the same time. Of course, it would be great and we encourage you to cruise together, but for your convenience we do not impose such a condition. The duration of the cruise can also be arbitrary – if it takes place after the end of the program, you will still receive your bonus.

If you want to know the details of this offer, we encourage you to read the regulations, available here or contact our customer service.

We wish you wonderful (preferably joint) cruises and fair winds and following seas!

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