With aid for Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, a war broke out in Ukraine. Like any armed conflict, it has caused many unnecessary casualties among soldiers and civilians, as well as enormous material losses. Although the fighting is still going on, we are of the opinion that help for the defenseless victims of the war must start now. This is especially true for children, the elderly and the previously hospitalized.

At YACHTIC.com we believe that violence is always wrong. It does not solve any problems but generates dozens of others. War is the worst, completely senseless form of violence – it always results in harm to thousands of innocent people and the tragedy of many families.

Unfortunately, despite our sincere desire to do so, we are unable to prevent armed conflicts. However, we can mitigate their effects by providing material aid to those who need it most, the vulnerable and dependent. We also appeal to our clients, contractors and supporters to do the same.

So far we have taken the following actions:

– Because help is needed here and now, we donated 1% of our income earned in February 2022 to buy medicines and dressing materials for the neonatal hospital in Kiev;

– The same amount will be donated in March to large international humanitarian aid organizations: UNICEF and Polish Red Cross;

– Our team helps at the site of collections of donations for humanitarian aid.

We do not see the above activities as an opportunity to promote our own brand, therefore we will not post photos or videos related to them on the blog or social media.

We recommend our clients to cooperate with local UNICEF or Red Cross offices due to their effectiveness in reaching out to places with difficult access.

We are still with all the victims of this war in mind and heart, and we hope that it will end soon. Taking into account the interests of our clients, we continue to work as normal and continue our advertising activities.

At the same time, we provide all possible support and assistance to our clients from Ukraine in the scope of problems with their reservations arising from the current situation.

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