We supported the 53rd Odra Spring Rafting

We are after another, the 53rd Odra Spring Rafting which is a test of skills and a sailing competition of sailing teams of the Silesian Banner of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). This year’s competition was won by the 10th Scouting Sailing Team from Katowice with our brave representative. The Rafting was ended with a solemn water parade of all the teams participating in the spring sailing competition and appeals on the St. Anne’s Mountain.

YACHTIC supported this year’s rafting, not only in person. The competition of the scouts, their determination in achieving goals, and showing their teams in a good light convinced us to grant this year’s prizes for the teams of the Odra Spring Rafting.

It was worth it. Several hundred scouts, water sportsmen from the Silesian Banner of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) finished the rafting safely, and their presence at the solemn appeal on the St. Anne’s Mountain near the Uprising memorial made a great impression on us.

Who was the best?

This year’s competition was won by our friends, the  10th Scouting Sailing Team from Katowice. They were followed by the 6th Scouting Sailing Team and the 32nd Scouting Water Team. 

This year the water sportsmen and sportswomen swam on nine routes: Odra, Ruda, Gliwice Channel, Ruptawka, Piotrówka, Bierawka, Kędzierzyn Channel, Stradunia and Kłodnica.

What is the OSR?

The Odra Spring Rafting is in a way a star rally. You reach the place of the main camp by choosing of many routes. The routes proposed have their levels of difficulty, so that everyone can test him- or herself and the competition is equal. The event is directed to all scouts interested in water tourism.

The aims of the OSR which are close to us

As Robert Przybysławski, the chief commodore (director), says, the Odra Spring Rafting is aimed at commemoration of the fight of the Silesians for their own identity, and the appeal under the Monument to the Silesian Uprisings on St. Anne’s Mountain is especially the commemoration of the 3rd Silesian Uprising.

During the rafting, the scouts have a chance to get to know each other and share their experience. The water sportsmen and sportswomen explore the waters of the Upper Silesia, the hydrotechnical buildings and water management plants of the region.

It is worth highlighting that the rafting has been organisaed since 1962. In addition, the meeting of the teams of the Silesian Banner of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) participating in boats and kayaks through different tributaries of the Odra River is the biggest in the country annual event of the water scouts in which several hundreds of scouts from our district currently takes part in.

Therefore, we also plan to support the rafter by participating as a part of the team and the prize sponsor.

See you next year!

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