Don’t Come Too Early

What the real passion is born of? What is the story behind it? Sailing usually means lifetime friendships and touching stories. That was the inspiration for us to show you some story. Story based on the true events, and story which could be a story of every one of us. We present to you „Don’t Come Too Early”!

True story

„Don’t Come Too Early” is a sailors story about difficulties, ups and downs in life and making friendships. It’s full of anger, pain but at the other hand, hope and strength. It’s a production like never before in yachting industry — it merges movie, music video and cinematic commercial into one, outside box experience. Its purpose is to make you reflect, make your own interpretation and also to spark the discussion about passion and universal moral of the story.

Fresh perspective

„Don’t Come Too Early Movie” was created in Polish in the first place, but then we made the English version, so people from around the world can enjoy it. The accompanying hip-hop song was recorded by a Chicago rapper Wes Restless, and produced by Adam Ryszkowski. That unconventional mix of modern day music with sailing story reflects — progressive approach to yachting passion.

Behind the scenes

„Don’t Come Too Early Movie” was made thanks to Reverse Film Crew. The director, scenario author and one of the actress in the movie is Dorota Fórmanowska. Main role were played by Artur Jasiński and Henryk Dąbrowski. Movie was shot in Croatia, Fuerteventura and also Warsaw.

“Don’t Come Too Early Movie” it’s our perspective of a yachting as a way of expressing yourself and creating your own identity. We are curious — how do you perceive it? We invite you to watch it — with sound on of course!

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