Croatia – a country of wine

Every Croatian knows that Croatia is a country of excellent wines. This opinion is unfortunately not popular outside Croatia itself, which is a pity. The specific weather and soil conditions contribute to the production of excellent wines, whose equivalents are difficult to find elsewhere. Żivieli!
(Croatian: Cheers!)

Plavac Mali

Probably the most popular Croatian red wine produced mainly on Peljesac and Hvar. The name comes from the shape and colour of the grapes – the “plava” means blue in Croatian, and “mali” means: small, i.e. small blue ? The wine is purple or dark red in colour and is medium sour. The aroma is distinct and persistent, it is a typical aroma of fruit and Mediterranean herbs and spices such as plums, figs, almonds, thyme and sage. It is served to fish (YES! Red wine to fish!), risotto, crabs, scallops, octopuses and squids. The most popular vineyards where you can try Plavac are Milos in Stonie, Palihnice on Peljesac and Tomic in Jelsa.

Malvazja from Istria

The most famous wine of the Istrian peninsula. It comes in the red and white varieties, but undoubtedly white is more common. This fragrant, dry wine has a taste dominated by apples, pears and plums. Istrian Malvazja has been recognised as the best Croatian indigenous wine. To taste it, it is best to go to the Kozlovic vineyards in Momjan, Matosevic on the Limski Channel and Coronica in Umag.

Viska Vugava

The most famous wine of the beautiful island of Vis. It has a natural golden colour, nice and delicate scent. Its characteristic taste is full of sweetness. It is best served with scallops, fish, seafood salad and light meat dishes such as poultry. The best producers are Lipanovic and Roki’s vineyards.


Dry, red wine produced in Istria. It is quite a strong wine with a ruby colour falling a bit into purple. Thanks to its fullness and high content of polyphenols it is considered a wine with good health properties. It is great for meat and game dishes, but also for prsut and cheese. Worth recommending vineyards are Laguna in Porec and Zigante in Groznjan.

Vrbnicka zlahtina

Dry white wine from the island of Krk. Pale yellow, sometimes straw-coloured with a delicate scent and characteristic taste. The very fresh taste is due to the slightly harsher climate of the northern coast of Croatia. It tastes great when served with sheep’s cheese, fish and white meat. The best place to taste this wine is near Vbnik on the island of Krk.

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Bogdanusa is a white, dry wine produced mainly on Hvar. It has a yellow-green colour, pleasant characteristic aroma and harmonious, fresh taste. It is ideal for hot summer days. Due to its uniqueness it used to be consumed mainly on religious holidays, to which it owes its name (Bogdanusa in translation: given by God). It is served mainly with white meat and high quality fish. To taste this God-given flavour it is best to go to Svirce on Hvar.


Solid red wine grown mainly on the rocky slopes surrounding Šibenik and Primosten. The name comes from a popular name in Croatia. It is an original Croatian surname. The grapevines are grown on terraces torn out of the rocks, surrounded by stones and filled with earth and small stones. The wine has a high content of tannins and alcohol. Best for dark meats and game.

Croatian wines are really excellent and at the same time cheaper than more famous wines from other countries. It is worth trying them out.

For those who want to drink good and cheap wine, I recommend visiting Veľa Luka on Korcula, where the lady pours two great wines from a barrel at the port: Korculansko and Peljesacko for 8 kn per litre + 2 kn per bottle if you do not have your own ?.



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