What is the weather like in Croatia?

Before taking a decision on a yacht charter in a specific country or region, you should carefully get familiar with the weather. This information is quite useful, in order to evaluate whether your experience and skills will be enough for easy navigation in such conditions. It will also help you to choose the best time for your charter.

Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in Europe. Favorable conditions and a large number of sunny days in a year attract yachting enthusiasts from all over the world. What is the Croatian climate like, temperature, wind and fallout during the season and out of it?

What is the climate in Croatia?

There are mainly two climatic zones in Croatia. In the inland areas there is moderate continental climate, which means rainy summers and cold dry winters. Due to the “borax” wind, winter in the northern part of Croatia is colder than in the southern part, and much more snow falls here. Mediterranean climate prevails on the coast with most days being warm and dry, however, the temperature during a season can vary up to 20 ° C. In summer, in July and August, mostly hot weather prevails. Winters are mild, there is the fallout, but the number of sunny days from November till January is still great. Croatian winds create good conditions for sailing, especially in spring and autumn. In winter, in its turn, they become stronger, which makes them more serious, while in summer sometimes there are long periods of calm, which, however, compensate for the excellent conditions for sailing and beach relaxation.

Temperatura morza w Chorwacji

What is the temperature in Croatia?

The season is divided into three periods in Croatia. The first one lasts from April to June. In April, the average air temperature is 13 ° C, but, on warm days, it can even reach 17 ° C. The water temperature is 15 ° C, which does not contribute to a pleasant swimming in the sea. The day lasts around 13-14 hours. May is the time when most resorts come to life, and the number of tourists increases significantly. The temperature rises to about 21 ° C, and the sea water temperature reaches 18 ° C. Day increases to more than 15 hours. In June, we may already encounter high temperatures, from 22 ° C to 27 ° C, and the sea calls for a pleasant 21 ° C swimming. The sun still shines more than 15 hours a day!

The second period, i.e. July and August are a period of increased heat. The temperature reaches 28 ° C, in July it can drop to about 16 ° C, and in August it can be no lower than 21 ° C, but can reach 35 ° C. The water temperature reaches 24 ° C, and the sun shines for tourists more than 14 hours a day. These conditions attract the largest number of tourists at this time.

The last period is September and October. September beckons with still high temperatures, which reach 24 ° C (although sometimes there is its decrease even to 13 ° C). The water temperature is kept at a very pleasant level – 23 ° C. In October, the day length drops to less than 11 hours, and the temperature drops to 18 ° C (22 ° C on the warmest days). The water temperature is 20 ° C. Both September and October are great for chartering a yacht, in particular because of reasonable temperatures and low prices.

The time from November to December can be characterized by a significant drop in temperature. On the hottest days, it is 14 ° C and 10 ° C, respectively, but the temperature can drop even to a few degrees. Water temperature ranges from 15 ° C to 17 ° C, and fallout also takes place. The coldest month is January, when the temperature is between 1-8 ° C, and the wind is slightly stronger. Such conditions remain in February and March, with a slight increase in temperature up to a maximum of 12 ° C, and a slight decrease in fallout.

Pogoda w Chorwacji

What is the rainfall in Croatia?

From May to October, fallout on the coast is rare, especially in July and August, when there is almost no rain. If rainy weather still happens, it leaves pretty quickly, for example, within one day of heavy rains. The amount of fallout increases from October to January, and its peak falls in November. Despite this, going to the Adriatic at this time, there is still a chance for good sunny weather.

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Croatian weather is very favorable for sailors and tourists. High temperatures, long days, small and rare rainfall during most of the year make it an ideal place for yacht charter. However, you should remember that there are short-term, more complex sailing conditions that require caution and experience.

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