A week on a yacht in Croatia – a cost-saving alternative

We have recently written about the cost of a one-week cruise in Croatia, taking into account a comfort first, a new and well-equipped yacht under the supervision of a captain. And now we are going to talk about some cheaper options to spend a week on a yacht.

Charter cost

We still assume that you are sailing with a skipper. This time, however, you choose an older and smaller, and, therefore, less comfortable yacht for 7 people + captain. A weekly cruise with all fees, without transfer cost and meals included, will cost you approx. 3200 EUR. That is approx. 458 euro per person. This cost, of course, is of a peak summer season. If you decide to sail in June or September, then the rates will decrease in approx. 10%.

Yachts available for a charter in Croatia region along with their specifications and prices can be seen on this page.


If you decide to eat on your own, on a yacht, preparing all the dishes, it will not cost you much more than like in a house. Prices of the products in Croatia are not of a great difference.


Transfer to and from the place by car, costs approx. PLN 1,500 (middle-class car, the highway payment), i.e. approx. 50 euro per person. For 8 people and more, it is worth considering renting a vehicle, such as a minibus, often it is a cheaper option.

You can also consider spending the second week somewhere on land (Sail & Stay), then the transfer cost is divided into two weeks, which is generally favorable. And you have more time to look around and relax 🙂

wybrzeże w Chorwacji

Yacht in Croatia

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