Croatia is popular – several facts of the past season

The information gather by travel agencies and insurance companies says that more and more Poles spend their holidays beyond the vacation season. The number of people that spent their holidays abroad in last September was by 17% higher compared to the previous years.

In June 2016, 1.73 million foreign tourists came to Croatia, who rented 8.36 milllion sleeping accommodations. For comparison, last year’s number was 1. million and 8.1 sleeping accommodations in total.

“We have never had so high growths”, says Bojan Baketa, the director of the The Croatian National Tourism Board. “This year’s tourism results are fantastic for our country. It began in spring. The Polish and the British save the pre-season“, he adds.

The first five countries where Croatia is the most popular are: Germany, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland.

This June, the Croatian beaches hosted over 98.6 thousand Pole which rented 543.2 thousand accommodations in total. Last year it was 84.3 thousand and 428.7 thousand accordingly. This means a growth by 17% and 26%!

98% of Polish tourists visit the Adriatic coast. The most popular destination place is Central Dalmatia and regions: Zadar, Šibenik and Dubrovnik” notices Baketa.


Travelling on your own

According to, only 1/3 of tourists uses the help of a travel agency whe going on holidays to Croatia. Most of them do it on their own. There are many advantages of doing so:

  • good road infrastructure,
  • simplified border procedures,
  • seven border crossings,
  • good air trafic connections.

In addition: azure water, thousands of islands and islets, beaches and historic towns – these are only few attractions of this region, and culinary lovers will be delighted!

Online reservation

eholiday service published a report where during the three holiday months, the Internet users made “approx. 8.5 thousand reservations to the total amount of PLN 4.6 million (is is over 200% more than last year). The average of the reserved stay is 2.77 days, and the average value of reservation within the analysed period was PLN 547. Also the habits of using mobile devices to reserve accommodations has been changing. The PC was used by 72% of people, but – what is worth highlighting – nearly every thrid tourist (28%) reserved the accommodation using a smartphone or a tablet” (source:

Yachts in Croatia

The statistics speak for themselves: Croatia is a country that is worth visiting. Plan the next year’s vacation today and book a yacht online!


Hotel, camping or perhaps a yacht?

According to the Croatian National Tourism Board, over 70% of Polish tourists sleeps in private accommodations. Nexr group chooses local camping with good opininon in Poland (20%).
Sailing is not an elite sport anymore. In Croatia, yachting, i.e. sea cruise, is a very fashionable way to spend vacation, that is not very different from the journeys on land.

The present form of sailing is comfortable journey to the remote corners of the world, peace and quiet, and the luxury of organising time on your own. To choose that form of vacation, you don’t have to have sailing permissions to rent a yacht. Almost all websites offering yacht chartering offer the possibility to hire a professional skipper or you can invite an experienced sailor to the yacht, or steer it on your own.

Holidays on a yacht have many advantages: peace and quiet, away from crowded streets and tourists, possibility to travel from town to town, from island to bay. You decide what, where and when – no the excursion guide. Everyday somewhere else, different port, different city and the possibility to sleep wherever you want. On a yacht, you can reach places where the “inland” tourists don’t go often.

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