Celebrate in Croatia – attractions and festivals in Croatia

If you are planning a summer holiday in Croatia, you certainly have already written down the list of attractions that you necessarily want to see. Also sailing around this country on a yacht, you can surely find places you want to visit. Regardless of whether you are an inland or sea tourist, take local feasts under consideration. They make you feel the true spirit of Croatia.

Đakovački vezovi (Đakovo)

A folk festival celebrated in June this year until July 3, when almost the whole wolrd celebrates concerts and parades. Lots of colours, traditional folk costumes, local cuisine specialties, art and music. The festival can be summarised in three words: folk, cuisine, horse breeding. The first two are quite obvious, the third needs an explanation. Starting from 1967, in the centre of Slavonia (Đakovo), riders have been meeting to recall local rituals in traditional wedding rigs. Moreover, here is one of the most recognisable and the oldest (1506) studs in Europe.

Sinjska Alka (Sinj)

The annual knightly tournament, listed as a UNESCO intangible heritage site, attracts many tourists every year.. The popularity and tradition of the event is confirmed by the fact that this year it is the 301st time it had been organised, for commemoration of the victory of the inhabitants over the Turkish army in 1715. After the solemn march, the knights (members of the Alka Knights Association) do not fight with each other, but galloping compete for a ring, so called alka. Riding on horses, they try to hit with a three-metre lance the centre of iron rims hanged on lines. This is quite a challenge at the speed of 45 km/h without standing from the saddle. A shot is fired from the urban walls in honour of the winner.

Summer Festivals (Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Krk)

Croatia is vibrant – also in the cultural meaning. Summer is a wide range of attractions due to festivals bringing generations closed and combining different arts presented in picturesque corners of cities and towns. Zagreb invites people who want colours and motion, attracting art, music and performance events. The streets are bustling with life and attention is drawn, for example, to infant or waiters competitions. Split is full of circus performers, musicians, stand-uppers and dance groups, in Dubrovnik we will come across classical music and drama shows presented to the late night.

Croatia is music (Pag, Pula)

You are wrong if you think Croatia is just tradition and folk. Many festivals of modern music are organised here. Hideout (island Pag) is worth hearing, the five-day festival of electronic music, which can be heard on Zrće beach and on water, boats and in swimming pools. House, techno, jazz or soul music in the labirynth of chambers and corridors of the 19th century fort will be heard on Istria peninsula, and also on beaches and event vessels within the range of Dimensions Festival. The fort climates of Pula will also accompany one of the biggest festivals of dubstep, bassline, drum’n’bass i grime (Outlook).

It is impossible to describe all events organised in Croatia in the summer. We wrote about a few of them, but it’s just the beginning of the list. There are many music, historical, cultural or culinary events, so – something nice for everyone!

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