10 facts about Croatia you probably didn’t know

Anyone who has already visited Croatia probably knows a lot about it. However, we reached several sources in search of interesting facts that perhaps you did not have the occasion to know! Read below

  1. In Croatia, the sea plays organs.
    We mean the sea organs in Zadar made from 35 PE pipes (ended with whistles), hidden under stone stairs at the Adriatic shore. The water that is pumped into the pipes by the sea waves sounds amazing. The sunset in Zadar was appreciated by the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock saying its “the best sunset in the world”.
  2. The Croatian sun shines 2,715 hours a year! That is why the holiday season is extended here and you can count on good weather even in May. When you go to Croatia, you better take a UV filter creme, a hat and sunglasses.
  3. Nikola Tesla, the famous engineer, was bron in Croatia, in Smiljan. Thanks to this scientist, we can now use such inventions as: eletrical motor, AC alternator, autotransformer, bicycle dynamo, radio, water power plant, solar battery or Tesla coil.
  4. Croatia has 8 sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    These include the Basilica of Euphrasius in Poreč, the cultural landscape of the island of Hvar, St. James Cathedral in Sibenik, the Old Town in Trogir, the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is worth seeing each of them to understand why they were qualified for the UNESCO list.
  5. A large number of bones of the Neanderthals were found in Croatia. Some researchers indicated many similiarities to contemporary humans. The traces of the Neanderthals were also found in Spain, France, Italy, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Iraq, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic and Poland. You can visit the interactive Neanderthal Museum in Croatia.
  6. Croatian beaches are very variable.
    Their shapes and colours can change due to strong winds.
  7. The Amphitheatre in Croatia is one of three in the world that have remained until today. The Pula Arena was built in the 2nd century B.C., and today is known from different music concerts. It is one of the three best preserved amphitheatres in the world, right next to the one in Rome and Tunisia.
  8. The Dalmatians have their roots in Croatia.
    This unusual hunting dog breed has a rare coat. Probably many of you associate Dalmatians with the animated Disney film, but now you can also associate them with Croatia and Dalmatia.
  9. Croatia consists of 1246 islands and islets, between which you can sail. 651 of them are uninhabited, 389 are entirely covered with rocks, and 78 of them are reefs. The Croatian coastline is unique and identified all over the world.
  10. Dubrovnik played an important part in the Game of Thrones.
    The Royal Harbour and the city of Qarth is nothing more than the famous Croatian Dubrovnik. Do you remember the House of the Undead, where Daenerys was looking for her dragons? This is Minceta Tower, part of Dubrovnik’s fortification. Besides, scenes for the series were shot in England, Ireland, Scotland and even Morocco.
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