What to choose: a yacht or an operator?

While choosing a yacht for your dream vacation, take into account who operates it? Yes. It is really worth paying attention to, although it is not the most important criterion. First of all, let’s find the right yacht for you, taking into account its size, cabins location, its equipment and your personal preferences.

So what does an operator have to do with it?

The operator is responsible for the technical condition, cleanness of the yacht, check-out procedures and yacht maintenance in case of technical problems during the cruise arisen. Operators vary in the size of their fleet and the approach to their work. We have small family-owned enterprises operating several yachts, and large operators managing hundreds of yachts around the world. It is like in case of the hotels. We have small family pensions and large hotel chains. Both have their customers whose expectations are different.

If you expect the pleasant, friendly atmosphere during the check-in procedure, it is better to choose a small operator. As a rule, he will try to treat you as a friend and guest in his house. However, you should be aware that its maintenance may be less efficient, and it may take longer to find a replacement yacht in the case of a breakdown. Despite this, do not be afraid of using their services, they can really surprise you, you will meet there mainly sailing enthusiasts who are really happy to manage their company.

While using the services of a large operator, you must adapt to its rules, and you do not need to rely on its flexibility. However, if you like when everything is organized, formalized and professional, such an operator is definitely for you. For a client, the charter operator is primarily its employees. For large operators, this is a business, and therefore their employees have such an approach to a client.

Don’t forget about cultural differences

As for the service in warm countries, we cannot fail to mention the cultural differences that separate us. Southerners have more freely approach to responsibilities and time than ours. Let’s try to accept this. Rush, fight and demanding attitude will not change anything, they will be just a little nerve-wracking, and instead of enjoying the circumstances, you will be nervous that nothing will change. Let’s include in our plans that everything takes more time than we think – this will make your trip more successful 🙂

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