Bed linen and towels on a yacht – are they included?

When you book a room in a hotel, you are used to having everything prepared for you and not having to worry about anything. However, bed linen and towels on a yacht are not the rule, at least not everywhere. In addition to the yacht charter itself, you also pay a cleaning fee, and its range varies. It all depends on the offer of the operator, but mainly on the country where you charter the yacht.

In Greece, the final cleaning fee also includes bed linen and towels, which is exactly the same as in hotels. Mostly you don’t have to worry about this.

In Croatia, bed linen is included in the price. If you want towels as well, you will have to pay extra for this (approximately €5.00 per person).

In Italy and Spain, usually, neither bed linen nor towels are included in the price. They cost between €10.00 up to €25.00 per person. Sometimes, a set of bed linen is not only charged extra but is sometimes obligatory, especially after 2019. If this is the case, this expense should be taken into account when calculating the cost of your holiday.

Of course, there may be exceptions to these rules with some operators, but these will only be exceptions that confirm the rule. You will always find information on towels and bed linen in the description of each yacht and in the documents you receive after booking.


Bed linen and towels on a yacht – what to keep in mind:

  1. For aesthetics, operators often prepare a set of identical towels. As long as they are hanging in the cabins this is not a big problem. However, when they are drying on the rails or scattered in the cockpit during sea bathing, it can be difficult to recognize them. This is why it is a good idea to bring your own towels on a cruise. Microfibre towels work very well here. They take up very little space in your luggage and dry very quickly. If you do happen to forget your own towels, you can alternatively mark your towels by tying ribbons or ties (string) to them. This will prevent unwanted swapping during the voyage.
  2.  If bed linen is paid extra and you decide not to order it and sleep in a sleeping bag, please also bring one sheet per cabin. This will be more hygienic for you and the sheet itself does not take up much space in your luggage.
  3. Are you used to a bedding set being a duvet with a pillowcase, a pillow with a pillowcase and a sheet? It turns out that it is not the same everywhere. For example, in Greece, you might get a sheet and a blanket instead of a duvet in a pillowcase. The sheet is used to cover yourself and if you are too cold you can also cover yourself with a blanket. This is not the result of austerity or a mistake, but the ‘sleeping culture’ in some parts of the world.
  4. Often operators will prepare the bedding for the first week of the charter, and if you would like fresh bedding for the second week you have to pay extra for it. Some operators, for longer charters, add a second set for free, but this is not standard.

Without further ado, I wish you restful nights, in fresh and fragrant linen, and that you always finish your cruise with the same towel with which you started your holiday.  

With sailing greetings
Grzegorz from

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