You are organising a cruise? See how much it is!

You have permissions and you plan to organise a cruise? You have doubts on what, when and how much… I also had this problem once, but – as they say – the first step is always the hardest. I’ll show you it’s easy using an example of a yacht charter in Croatia.

What do I have to pay for and when?

When you decide to charter a yacht remember that its final price contains many elements.

The first thing is the “basic charter”, i.e. everything you have to pay for upon reservation. In most cases, when booking a yacht you pay 50% of the price of the charter within 5 days from the reservation and the rest within 30 days before the planned cruise. The price and the dates are always included in the offer.

After you pay the charter and arrive at the place you pay “transit log”, and sometimes cleaning or a starting package and it oscillates between € 100–250 (depending on the yacht size). This is nothing more than preparing the yacht to the cruise: cleaning and washing the yacht, filling up the gas bottles, changing bed linen, etc. You also have to pay a tourist tax (€ 7 per week for a person). At the end, you pay for potential additions you chose, e.g. outboard engine, Wi-Fi (NOTE: Some additions are covered by the charter priceJ).

The “basic charter” cost was € 1455, the transit log: € 130, the outboard engine: € 80, and the tourist tax for 10 persons: € 70. In total € 1735.

At each yacht acceptance you must also pay a deposit, but it’s not a cost, because when you return the yacht, it returns to you.

You start the cruise!

The “debutants” are often bothered how much marinas (sites at the quayside) and buoys cost. There is no single answer, as this depends on the yacht size and place. Buoys cost approx. € 20–30, and marinas € 50–80 per halt. Remember that you don’t pay for the port where you take your yacht from. You embark on Saturday afternoon, so leaving on Sunday morning you gain a night for free – and the same goes to disembarking. You come back on Friday evening, so the night costs nothing again. So you have 5 paid nights. Let’s assume you halt 2 nights on a buoy and 3 in a marina. In the worst scenario, you will pay 30 + 30 + 80 + 80 + 80 = € 300 (for 10 people it is € 30 EUR per capita).

And how much is the food? If you prepare meals at the yacht and buy food locally (in supermarkets), the accomodation will not cost more than in Poland. If you don’t like to cook, you can try the local cuisine in taverns and restaurants – you will pay proportionally more. Let’s assume the former solution – eating on the yacht.

Food and ports (and maybe buoys) and the yacht fuel are paid from a so called board fee – you collect from the 10-person crew approx. € 120, what gives € 1200 in total, where € 300 goes for the ports, € 100 for the yacht fuel and there is € 800 left for shopping – that’s quite much. J


€ 1735 (charter, tax and additions) + € 1200 (fuel, ports and food), what gives € 2935 in total, so it is € 293.5 per capita for one-week holidays + journey J

…and this is not a saving version… But it’s another story J

Wait! I almost forgot! I, as the Skipper, don’t pay for this. People from the crew that are my friends, contribute to this among each other. My share are permissions, knowledge, experience and responsibility – they could not have this week of recklessness without it. I don’t take any fee for this. Of course, we set this principle at the beginning in order to avoid misunderstandinds and everyone is happy. Don’t be afraid to do the same with your friends – that’s a fair trade. If they don’t have a skipper (you), they will have to pay additional money.

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