Check-in and boarding

This is a piece of cake for those who once rented a yacht. But those who are going to do it for the first time, probably, have many questions. You’d better have at least a basic understanding of ​​it, despite the fact that the operator’s staff will accompany you at each stage. So let’s just get to the point without going into detail.

1. Go to the office

Having arrived at the marina in the time specified, please contact the operator and prepare all required documents along with the money to be paid, i.e.:

  • Board-Pass and a crew list (you should have received it before the cruise).
  • Yacht driving licenses and ID card (ID card or a passport).
  • Money to be paid for additional services.
  • Credit card or the money to cover a refundable deposit.

If you arrive at the marina earlier, you can visit the office right away. The yacht may turn out to be ready to sail. If you have not already done it, you can arrange for the yacht check-in.

Pay for the additional services

You will be asked to cover all mandatory surcharges, such as a transit journal and final cleaning, there, along with the additional services you have requested earlier (for example, an outboard engine or Wi-Fi). To simplify the calculation, the prices are given in EUR, but sometimes they still should be provided only in the currency of the country you take the yacht in. You’d better be prepared for this. You also have to pay a tourist tax per each crew member in Croatia.

Put a refundable deposit

The most convenient way is to block the required amount of money on your credit card. In this case, no transactions are made, the funds are blocked only on the card, and upon returning they will be unblocked (if no damage has been caused). Attention, please! It can take up to 2 weeks to unblock the funds. If you still have your money blocked on your return from the vacation, do not worry about it. In most cases, you also have the opportunity to put a cash deposit, and thus it will be returned to you. You can also take advantage of the deposit insurance. Read more about it here: Deposit Insurance.

2. Get on board of a rented yacht

Having resolved all formal issues in the operator’s office, you go on a yacht with a list of equipment previously received there. Do it yourself or with the help of someone from the crew members (for example, who speaks English well). Please check out whether all the equipment indicated in the list is available. Should any inadequacy be found, (for example, the lack of a bosak or a glass), ask the operator’s agent to make up for it. Make sure you have checked out the entire yacht, in case any damages or losses take place. If any damage (like a scratched side, etc.) is located, include them in the acceptance certificate. The operator will also show you how the most important devices on the yacht work afterwards. It is better to repeat the main actions in his presence. If there is anything you want to know, just ask.

It takes from 30 up to 60 minutes. As soon as you sign the acceptance certificate and receive all necessary yacht documentation, the yacht will be at your disposal.

You’d better also take some pictures of the entire yacht (outside and inside), when the operator’s agent left. There are many small elements on the yacht, and it is almost impossible to check carefully all of them. If any damage is found after the cruise (for example, a cracked indicator of wind speed and direction), the photo may serve as a proof that it is not your fault. If you are a lucky owner of a waterproof camera, you should also put it on the bottom and check out the yacht under water.

Please do not forget to check on the yacht lights.

Rodzinny rejs jachtem

3. Finally on board

You have settled all formal issues in the office, checked out the yacht with the operator, in case any equipment is missing or damages are caused, found out how to manage its main devices, made photo documentation, in case any damage would be found after the cruise – so…you’re ready!

It is time to invite the rest of the crew on board, they certainly are too anxious about it. If any questions arise after receiving the yacht or you notice something that you haven’t noticed before, don’t hesitate to inform the operator about it – it’s better now than after leaving. If you notice that something is missing, do not hesitate to ask the operator. While the operator’s employees are at the base, it’s not too late.

I wish you amazing cruises, quiet sailing out and coming back

With a sailing greeting,


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