Coronavirus and what’s next?

Over a week ago we briefly reported about the coronavirus epidemic in the context of yacht charter. You can find the whole article here. Today we will try to answer the question – what to do when we have booked a yacht and we are not sure what will happen next?

First of all, please read the information provided here

Do you have cancellation insurance?

  • If you have purchased cancellation insurance 100% MAX you will be able to take advantage of it if you are formally unable to get to the charter base on the day of the charter or there is another case mentioned in the terms and conditions of the insurance. Details
  • If you have the cancellation insurance 100% in the basic version, you will be able to use it if any of the circumstances listed in the insurance terms and conditions apply. Details

You’ve fully paid for your charter:

  • If you have already fully paid for your reservation, you will be able to transfer it to another date this season in case you are formally unable to arrive at the pick-up point.
  • If this will not be technically possible, you will receive a voucher from the operator for next season’s use.
  • In case of a transfer to a more expensive period, the price difference needs be covered. For a transfer to a cheaper date, the difference will not be refunded. Please note: operators have different policies in this field and they may differ depending on the case.

You have partially paid for the charter:

  • You can fully pay for your reservation on time and if the situation deteriorates, use the solution as above.
  • You can also cancel your trip on general terms and conditions, before making the final payment. However, this will result in the loss of the amount already paid.
  • Currently, most operators do not provide the possibility of deferring the final charter payment for existing bookings.

What does it mean to be formally unable to reach the place of the yacht pick-up?

  • illness as a result of epidemics,
  • quarantine,
  • closure of borders, airports or ports in the customer’s or destination country,
  • closure of the charter base or town, district, etc., in which it is located.
  • the above must pose a real threat within the charter period, i.e. the fact that today there are travel restrictions does not yet have a real impact on charters, which are to take place in a few months

Is it worth trying to change the reservation date already?

The situation is changing very rapidly and it is really difficult to predict how it is going to develop further and which solution will be optimal. However, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • For the moment it is not really clear which will be the most appropriate timing, and changing a charter date is often also new plane tickets, holiday request, etc, all of these elements should be taken into account.
  • Prices vary significantly among seasons, moving a charter from April to July or August may result in a high surcharge,
  • In case of a large-scale postponement of charter dates by clients to the end of the season, the number of available yachts in this period will be quickly run out.

Summarizing you should consider all options calmly and make a decision depending on the specific situation, charter date and destination.

In case of questions or doubts we remain at your disposal.

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