Free time – what to do on the yacht?

Yacht charter is not only about swimming, covering distances, working on sails and lines or docking at the marinas. It is also a lot of free time, which can be spent in many different ways. Today we will tell you what interesting things you can do not to get bored during the cruise.

For active

Local marinas, as well as sailing the yacht itself, are a great opportunity for those who like to get pleasantly tired and stimulate endorphins released in their bodies. The simplest form of physical activity during the cruise is simply… swimming! Go to one of the beautiful bays, throw away the anchors and dive into the water, not forgetting the masks. Snorkeling, which is the simplest form of “diving” will give you a lot of fun, and the specimens looking under the water will be a real source of pride. It is also a good idea to spend your free time in a dinghy! Especially those equipped with an engine. Swim into one of the caves or just practice steering it. Good fun is guaranteed!

While at the marina, look around for local attractions. Renting a motorboat, renting a bike, scooter or quad, or maybe something more extreme, like kitesurfing or going downhill on a steel rope hanging somewhere above the abyss? Or maybe you prefer to test local forms of transport, such as horse riding or donkey riding? Everyone will find the perfect option for themselves!

For history and beauty lovers

If during your vacation you prefer to rest in peace and quiet, while admiring the heritage of history and culture, you will not be disappointed either. Croatia or Greece is full of interesting and unique places to learn more about the history of the visited countries. Or maybe you are passionate about beautiful landscapes or a photographer who loves to catch what is unique with his camera? Visit one of the national parks to learn more about the real wonders of the world. If you decide to charter a yacht in one of the distant countries, you will satisfy your hunger and get to know new, amazing places.

For the youngest

If you are travelling with children, remember to make clear the safety rules at the beginning. We have already written about the little ones on board in the article Sailing with the children. What to remember about before and during the charter? so now we will just remind you of some important issues. First of all, it is important for children to remember the rule “one hand for the yacht, the other for themselves”, i.e. to know at every step that they must hold on to the fixed elements of the yacht. Secondly… just keep them busy. This will make sure that they will not get bored and will also avoid the risk of sea sickness. Organizing time for the youngest is not difficult at all. Usually kids “get involved” in sailing and are really curious about everything that surrounds them and all the methods of operation of various equipment. Talking to the captain, learning how to sail, knots or shanties is something that usually makes the youngest ones happy. If they get bored of these kinds of things, tell them to go under the deck and make them use their imagination to come up with some kind of game, for example, have your yacht or the fish the child has seen while swimming in the sea drawn. There are really many possibilities!

odpoczynek na jachcie

Ready for a cruise?

You already know how to spend your free time on a yacht. Now it is time to set the date of your cruise and choose a boat that will be perfect for your crew!

Find a yacht!

Holidays under the sails are not only covering distances on the water, but also a number of other attractions. Everyone will find something that suits them best, so when planning your cruise, take into account the preferences of each crew member and divide into smaller groups if necessary. Not everyone will want to spend their free time in the same way as the rest.

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