Sailing with the children. What to remember about before and during the charter?

Sailing holidays are an excellent alternative to lying on the beach. Babies can already sail, but only 3-4 years old kids have a chance to experience a real sea adventure. Take care of their safety properly. What should you keep in mind and what rules should you follow?

Plan your route well

The route should be undemanding. Rather short than long distances and when it’s too windy, stay in the marina. Children get bored much faster than the adult crew members. Long conversations in the cockpit are not their cup of tea. Stopping for swimming in wild bays, diving and playing on land. A child should have a place to release the energy, it is important to direct them well 🙂

Sailing training as number one

As with any cruise, safety training should not be missing, however, when there are children on board, it is good to keep them in mind. It is enough to tell an adult crew member to be careful :), a child should be shown what the danger is. Trip on board with a presentation is certainly a good idea. Don’t forget to make the parents aware that they should always keep an eye on their children ?.

Remember about the safety net and life line

The yacht where a child is on board should be equipped with a safety net stretched on rails and eventually a so-called life line. This is a safety line, protecting against falling overboard. A child who is attached to it can move freely on the deck. In addition, each child should receive a life jacket adapted to their weight and height. Of course, a small sailor should always be accompanied by an adult.

What should I take for a cruise?

When preparing for a cruise with a child, we must remember to wear a hat to protect it from the sun. You should take into account the fact that the weather can change and you will need a set of clothes for every circumstance. You will also need a cream with a filter that will protect your skin from sunburn. It is worth having accessories and toys for swimming. You can also bring games that will make the evenings more pleasant for children ?.

We recommend this form of spending time with the youngest. Holidays are a perfect time to build mutual relationships. Children adapt very well to the conditions on the yacht. Their curiosity about the world has no limits!

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