The Sporades – Guide of Greece

Narrow streets, white and blue houses, crystal clear water, the mountains and the sea in one place – this is the beauty of Greece made millions of people around the world love this country. The reason why they visit Greece an an annual basis is its unique atmosphere.

We will also find a pleace here, where all those elements are concentrated on a few islands – the Sporades, an archipelago on the Aegean Sea, divided into Northern adn Southern Sporades. Those spread islands are a great destination of holiday travelling – today the YACHTIC will tell you about the most beautiful places worth seeing when cruising in this region.

An island in a mountain shadow

Skiathos – it’s 48 km2 of lands where you can find 60 beaches! Paradise? And that’s not all. Like on the majority of islands on this archipelago, Skiathos has beautiful monuments like old churches, including Panagia Evangelistria, a monastery from the turn of the 18th and the 19th centuries, standing proudly near to the highest peak of the island, i.e. Karaflizanaki. Another astonishing church is Agios Nikolaos, i.e. St. Nicholas church. Local fishermen celeberate this building strolling with boats illuminated by lanterns on December 6. The building itself is located in the capital town of the island, Skiathos.

It is a beautiful port town, full of colourful shutters, narrow, stone lanes and tiny coffeehouses and taverns. The landscape of Skiathos are to large extent mountains covered with forest – penetrating it you will come across Kastro, an abandoned Byzantine fortified city, or Panagia Kounistras, a monastery famous from production of local wine. Howver, if you prefere sunbathing, sandy beaches are waiting for you, like Koukounaries. This is also the reason why this island is a valuable destination place for celebrities like Kate Hudson or Russel Crowe.


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The Emerald of the Aegean Sea

Not farther than 5 km from Skiathos, we will find an island called the Emerald of the Aegean Sea, famous Skopelos, with the length of 45 km and the width between 10 to 12 km. The landscape are similar to Skynthos, due to coniferous forests and sandy beaches. Only here you will find the famous in the entire Greece plum and peach orchards or the extraordinary chapel of St. John at the peak of a great rock – it once were a place for romantic weddings.

However, the adventure on this island can be started in the port town of Skopelos with plenty of white houses, narrow lanes and beautiful details like charming balconies with hanging flowers or tiny churches. They say there are 360 churches (including chapels) on the island. Another attraction are the ruins of a Venetian castle, with a restaurant. Tourists will find beautiful beaches like the Chestnut Beach, where, like the whole island Skopelos and Skiathos, “Mamma Mia” was shot. All fans of this musical

Speaking of “Mamma Mia”, you can say that the Sporades are so beautiful they make you want to sing. If you are still looking for a place for this year’s holidays, don’t hesitate anymore and give those charming islands a chance. Exciting experience and relax are guaranteed!


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