Chartering a yacht is Greece during recession

You have probably heard about the recession and bankrupty in Greece. Many of you is afraid of the news and decided not to come to this country, until the situtation is stable. The Internet is full of information that you cannot take any cash from Greek ATM’s, banks are closed, and the store shelves are empty. Is there really something you should be afraid of?

Those who have visited the Greek islands will surely confirm that some kind of tension is seen only on the continent, near Athens. Islands live their lives as always, so specific for the Greeks and Greek marinas.

Moreover, the images showing riots in central Athens are considered by the Greeks harmful, as their homeland is seen as a violent country. The Greek authorities inform us that the blue sea, traditional islands and the comfortable Greek climate remain untouched by the financial crisis.

There is no reason to be afraid of store supplies. There are plenty of goods in the supermarkets, and local shops are not empty at all, contrary to the images in the media. The prices are not much higher than in Poland. You can say they are very similar.

And as far as the ATM’s, they say the problem does not exist. However, you should take more cash with you just to feel financially safe in case.

The embassador of Greece, Gabriel Coptsidis assures that the economic recession will not affect the tourism, because tourism is very important for the Greek, and invites Poles to explore this ancient country.


Did we make you calm?

So now it’s time to find the coolest yacht and explore Greek islands!



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