Yacht management permits in Croatia

Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for sailing. Tourists, especially sailors, highly appreciate the beauty of this country, and, in particular, the abundance of islands, bays and unique views. Yacht charter in Croatia is quite unusual way to relax, which means that not everyone is completely familiar with the applicable regulations. If you are just about to start your adventure on a chartered yacht and you are interested in what permits you need for this, contact our team for help!

In order to dispel all your doubts and explain exactly what permits are required in Croatia, the YACHTIC team has prepared something special for you, such as a video completely dedicated to this issue!

Basic qualifications at sea

In order to take the advantage of your own yacht charter in Croatia, it will be enough for you to obtain a basic degree in sailing, that is, a license of a sailor. However, you should remember that this license is a subject to certain restrictions regarding the length of a yacht and the distance from land and islands.

In order to be able to charter a yacht in Croatia, you will also need a skipper’s patent, which provides sailors with really many advantages. Thanks to this patent, you can sail in the sea in a fairly large vessel on your own! Before embarking on a sea cruise, your permits must be expanded, including obtaining of a certificate of a short-wave radio operator (VHF / SRC).

If you have neither enough experience nor sufficient knowledge in the field of yacht charter, visit our channel and listen to what the members of the YACHTIC team say!

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