Yacht documentation you must have on board

As you have already, probably, found out, to charter a yacht with the YACHTIC search engine is easy and fast. However, before getting on board of a rented yacht, you must be aware of some really important issues. One of them, of course, is the knowledge of the required yacht documentation. What documents should we provide you with before the charter sets off? What documents must you have with you?

The entire set of documents we request may vary a little, but it always includes some of the most important ones.

Main yacht documentation

The most important document you must have with you on a yacht is a yacht certificate (yacht license). This is a certificate of yacht registration with basic information about the yacht, its owner and its parameters included. The next important document is the ​​civil liability yacht insurance certificate. And the third document, at the same time, the last one, is a list of the crew (a list of people who are on the yacht). In some countries, this document is very significant one (for example, in Croatia), although you may end up sailing in the territorial waters of a state that completely belittle the importance of this document. Anyway, it is better to make sure that the list of crew members is in your document folder.

Other documents

In the yacht document folder, you can also find many other documents. Depending on the flag the yacht sails under and which country you are in, the list of documents may vary a little. You can always find, at least, a radio license, a security certificate for a liferaft and a safety card among them. However, these documents are much less important than the abovementioned ones.

It is also worth mentioning an important nuance. It is the operator’s phone number. It can be normally found on the first page of the documents. You will need it, in case any malfunction or an accident has taken place. You can also take advantage of it if any questions or problems with the yacht documents arise.

Skipper na jachcie

Before the first cruise on uncharted waters, you should find out as much as possible about the laws and principles adopted there. You can find out more information about the required documents on our YouTube channel.

Let us take this opportunity to wish you, our dear customers, great success in the upcoming 2019! Let the New Year bring you professional success, joy and satisfaction from the actions taken and the tasks performed, as well as the prosperity in your personal life! 🙂

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