Take your pet on a yacht – it is much easier now!

There are more and more people who want to take pets with them on a yacht. Although animals were not very popular on decks in the past, today they are no surprise. It’s great to have your pet with you during holidays! 

Firstly, it eliminates the problem to leave the pet on its own or search a suitable person to take care of it during vacation. If you take it with you, you won’t have to worry if its okay or if you find something you wouldn’t want to find after you come back. You keep an eye on it and you don’t have to leave it anywhere.

Secondly, travelling together is a great opportunity for the pet to have fun! If your dog or cat has the “spirit of an explorer”, it will soon feel great in a new situation.

This is also a good solution for those who treat their pets as members of their families or best friends. This is also a good occasion to experience something wonderful together, experience a yacht charter.

Find a yacht for you and your puppy

Having in mind the growing number of people who want to sail with their pets, the YACHTIC crew has made it easier to find yachts giving that possibility. From now on, everyone can charter a yacht with a few clicks and spend vacation with his or her puppy.

There is no need to flick through every offer separately, trying to find a compromise between a yacht you want and the one you will be allowed to take your pet on. This significant facility is for everyone who like to take pets everywhere they go and those who want to try it for the first time.

What should be remembered?

If you belong to the second group, you should bear in mind several basic principles.

If your pet is not used to travelling on water you should first prepare to provide it with comfort and yourself with peace of mind. If you decide to take the pet, you will have to satisfy formal requirement, like medical records or the confirmation of vaccination (vaccination certificate). You should check what will be required in foreign countries to avoid problems.

The pet itself will surely need its own space on the yacht, where it could hide itself from the burning sun. You should remember that animals are exposed to burning sunlight like people – you can avoid it by special sun protection creams.

In addition, your pet must have the possibility to freely satisfy their physiological needs on the deck – a piece of artificial grass can be helpful.

It also good to remove all sharp items located within the range of the pet – and fit the bridges and stairs to its needs.


Choose a yacht for you and your puppy

See our offer of yachts you can freely take your pets on.


If we see to this, we can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the vacation together. It’s a chance for an exciting adventure that will surely make our animal happy!


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