How to choose a yacht in the best technical condition?

“I would like to have a yacht with everything functional on it.” Sometimes we hear that from our clients. Sometimes it results from unpleasant experience, but in the majority of cases people are just afraid because of bad opinions they hear. How to choose a yacht in the best possible technical condition?

1. Select newer yachts

There is much less risk of faults on younger yachts, and the installed equipment is more modern, and thus easier to operate. Sometimes the extra payment is small, and you can sail a newer yacht.

2. Sail at the beginning of the season

Yachts are prepared for chartering before the season. Repairs or even replacement of the equipment elements with new ones. You receive a yacht after the winter’s maintenance and for a reasonable price.

3. Select yachts that have not been rented to often

Often an “unfilled calendar” is caused by a slightly higher price compared to similar offers, a less popular marina or just a coincidence. But the advantages are measurable. Firstly, the yacht has not been abused; secondly, during the weekly downtime between charters the operator can unhurriedly inspect the boat.

4. Select yachts of recommended operators

You can find an orange thumb up icon (“OK”). It is shown near the highly reated yachts in the fleets of operators with the highest clients’ rates due to very good experience only. You can find such yachts selecting the options “only recommended” in our search engine.

5. Take care of the yacht

The operators make every effort to make everything on the yacht work properly, but he or she can never guarantee that the boat stays unbroken. Yachts are operated in difficult conditions, and crews on yachts are different. There is always a risk that something can get broken. My good fellow, a very experienced captain, always says: “You must listen to the yacht – if something is not right, it will tell you. But you must listen!.” Listen to your yachts and take car of them like of your own ones. You will avoid failures for you and for another crews.

  1. Victoria Addington says:

    Thanks for your tips on how to choose a yacht charter in its best technical condition. Next month, I’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday, and I’m thinking of renting a charter that can cater to eight people for me and my friends. I had no idea that it is better to choose the newer version since the equipment is more modern, which makes it smoother and easier to operate.

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