8 tips for novice sailors

Do you like sailing, but have never had the opportunity to sail on a yacht on the high seas? Make sure to check out some tips that will make your vacation on a yacht nice and safe!

1. Choose still waters

Do not jump directly into deep waters, choose a place where the wind is soft and steady. Croatia would be an ideal option for novices. Calm wind, a large number of marinas and warm water, everyone will like it!

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2. Get familiar with the basic terms of navigation

Make sure you know what a bosak, bakista, shot, mesa or galley is. This knowledge will significantly facilitate your communication with a skipper and, of course, will improve the safety of your crew as well as your own, and it will help you understand what it is and where it is. On the other hand, it is nice to know what the captains in the taverns are talking about.

3. Find out the commands

If you go on a cruise with a skipper, before sailing, the entire crew should get familiar with the yacht and with the commands they should follow. Thanks to this, each of you will be able to learn how to sail in the shortest possible time.

4. “One hand is for a yacht, another one is for you”

Remember this rule and follow it at any time on the water. When sailing and maneuvering, a yacht sometimes sways and bends a lot, which contributes to the loss of balance.

5. Pack your things in a soft bag, not in a suitcase

Although a suitcase on wheels may be the most convenient for us when traveling, especially by plane or bus, it is not quite suitable for a yacht. A suitcase occupies a lot of space and it is difficult to hide it somewhere, so if you are going on a sea cruise, it is better to pack your things in a soft bag, which, after unpacking, you can roll up and hide in a locker.

6. Take proper clothes

Weather likes to joke. The fact that there is beautiful cloudless weather in port does not mean that it will be the same on the water. In the sea, the wind is always stronger, and the temperature is felt to be lower. When packing a bag, do not forget about a jacket, in case of a storm, and warm clothes, as well as a cap or baseball cap, which will protect you from sunstroke on hot days.

7. Beware of a bom 

As soon as you learn the basic sailing terms, you will understand what we are talking about here ? Boom or a horizontal beam, which is pivotally attached at one end to the mast or mooring, is part of the yacht that “flies” from one side to the other during the maneuvers. The most common injuries on a yacht are related to it, when an ignorant crew member finds himself in a wrong place and at wrong time. A close encounter with a bom usually ends up in a blow to the head, although sometimes a sly bom can even push you overboard!

8. When planning a cruise, check out the weather forecast

Always check the weather forecasts before you anchor and embark on a cruise. It ensures you will always be prepared for changing weather conditions. The best sailors are always ready and know how they should behave, if, for example, a stronger wind is expected, you first need to set sails.

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