Holidays in Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful and interesting country, although not so popular as Greece or Croatia. Despite the fact that every year more and more tourists come here, either those who choose to spend their holidays on a yacht or those who prefer to spend their free time on land, there are still plenty of places where you can fully relax.
Montenegro is situated on the Adriatic Sea, and the climate here is described as Mediterranean and continental. It borders Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.

When to go on holiday in Montenegro?

The best time to go on holiday in Montenegro is just before or after the season. It is not only about the crowd and the influx of tourists, but also about the temperature. During the summer, the heat can reach as much as 35-40°C, which makes it a nuisance for most of us, and it is quite a feat to withstand the sun in such heat. The coolest way for you to spend your holiday in Montenegro is of course yachting! A well-equipped yacht, great sailing conditions and marinas and taverns on the coast is something that everyone will appreciate – a lover of fun and activity, a real lazy person, as well as the youngest members of a crew.

Kot w Czarnogórze

Holidays in Montenegro are not only wonderful views, unusual landscapes and wild nature, displayed in the form of steep cliffs, rough mountains and azure sea, but also completing the views with unique architecture – old towns, ports, monasteries and fishing villages. If you are going to visit a yacht in Montenegro, we especially recommend visiting towns such as Budva, Rafailovici, Bar or Sutomore.

What cities to visit in Montenegro?

Sailors very often visit Bar to start their cruise on the Adriatic. While in the Bar, you must visit the walls of the Old Bar to see a breathtaking panorama from above. Believe it – every climb is worth it! Sutomore is located not far from the Bar, on the bay of Sutomorski Zaliv. This town is known mainly for its impressive Red Beach (yes, the sand is really red!) and the second, very long, sandy beach, which does not happen too often in this area.  In addition, you can see the ruins of the fortress Haj-Nehaj.

Budva is another very popular and popular city of Montenegro. Some of the local coastline is called “Budva Riviera”, comparing it to the most famous French one. Budva is a must for all those who like to have fun during the numerous events organized by the city in its heart. The town of Rafailovici is famous for the most beautiful beach in Montenegro – Becici, so if you are a fan of sunbathing and water sports, you should visit it.

There is much to tell about Montenegro, but the best way to get to know the city is to experience it on your own. So don’t wait any longer – book a yacht and go there anytime you desire!

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