Yacht charters have more than one name.

Yacht charters are not only an attractive way to spend a holiday on the water. Yachts are also chartered to organise all sorts of events of an integrative or training nature, to hold a business meeting in discreet yet attractive circumstances. Some people get married on a yacht or celebrate birthdays or various anniversary parties. Yachts are also chartered to compete in regattas. Depending on the client’s needs, yacht charter can take different forms and involve different ranges of related services.

All this means that yacht charters can be divided into different types depending on the criteria adopted.

Division by crew

  • Bareboat charter – the client charters a yacht on his own without a skipper and without a crew, holds the appropriate certificates and runs it on his own as a skipper or hires a skipper on his own, depending on his needs he can also hire a cook or a hostess additionally. This form of charter mainly applies to smaller yachts.
  • Yacht charter with a skipper (so-called skippered charter) – the client charters a yacht with a skipper, who will lead the yacht and take care of the technical aspects of the voyage. In most cases, the skipper takes care of the yacht for the entire season and knows his vessel and the area in which it sails very well. Here, too, it is often possible to hire an additional cook or hostess, depending on the client’s requirements.
  • Crewed charter – a crew is permanently employed on a chartered yacht and is used on more expensive and larger yachts. The crew works under fixed contracts. Depending on the size of the yacht, the crew can range from a few to several dozen or even dozens of people. Excluding the largest and most luxurious yachts, the crew usually consists of the captain, his assistant/mechanic, cook, hostess, steward. They take care not only of the technical and organisational aspects of the cruise, but also of the comfort and convenience of the guests on board.

Division by water body

  • Inland yacht charter – that is, the rental of smaller yachts sailing mainly on inland waters, often not requiring a licence to operate them. Typical inland waters include the Polish Masuria, lakes such as Lake Balaton or Lake Constance in Europe, and the Great Lakes in the USA.
  • Inland barge charters – rent relatively comfortable barges that allow you to travel along inland waterways, rivers and canals in combination with sightseeing in the surrounding area. The most popular areas are the rivers and canals of Western Europe, including France, Germany and Italy.
  • Sea yacht charters – usually larger yachts adapted for sailing on sea waters. These types of charters can be found on practically all seas of the world, but the Mediterranean basin (countries such as Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain) and the Caribbean islands have gained the most popularity.

In view of the qualifications required

  • Yacht charter without licences – no licence is required to rent or operate a yacht – mostly for smaller and inland vessels and barges.
  • Yacht charter with a licence – a sailing licence is required to operate a yacht – mostly for larger yachts and those sailing at sea.

A separate category that can be distinguished is luxury yacht charter. This is the rental of large, very luxurious yachts with a permanent crew, operating mainly in the most attractive waters. These yachts provide their guests with above-average comfort, with swimming pools, jacuzzis, gyms, cinema rooms or helipads on board. They are equipped with all sorts of additional floating equipment, scooters, motorboats, water toys to make the time spent on a yacht more enjoyable for wealthy clients. The comfort of the guests is also taken care of by the numerous well-prepared crew of such a yacht.

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