Croatian drinks – what is worth trying out

Croatian wines and liquors are famous all over the world. While sailing, it is better not to overdo it with alcohol, but it is quite reasonable and moderate to allow yourself to taste them. Instead of drinks with a stick, Croatia offers really noble drinks.


Rakiya, the most famous Croatian alcohol, is strong, often considered as a medicine that stabilizes blood pressure and favorably affects the heart and kidneys functioning. In Croatia, one can buy different grades or varieties of fruits, bread or herbs. The most popular biscuit has been prepared for thousands of years according to a secret recipe from the pulp of grapes, mistletoe and three types of herbs.


Croats also love wines, because they grow grapes for centuries here. They have the appropriate climate conditions for it, so their wines are so delicious and expressive, composed of green, pink and red grapes. You can order white wine to your meal, mixed with sparkling water (gemišt) or with plain water (bevanda) or red wine with Coca-Cola (hereinafter referred to as bamboo). In addition to certain brands, in Croatia you can also try homemade wine produced for the households needs and guests.


Liquors with different flavors are also very popular in Croatia. Croats produce standard egg, coffee and fruit liquors, but they are also famous for their specifics, which we will not find in any other corner of the world. One of them is a sweet chopped orange-yellow color, the main ingredient of which is pears. Gentlemen are more likely to try the bitter Pelinkovac. Its recipe is based on a wormwood. Croats believe it to be a great cure for migraines and stomach problems. It should be drunk with the ice and a slice of lemon. A bitter Vlahovac, a herbal liquor that apparently adds the vitality, and orahovac, a liquor made of the extract of green walnuts.

Liquors contain up to 35% of alcohol and are based on old recipes handed down from generation to generation. The marasquin liquor recipe, transparent, made from local cherries, has been supplied since the 16th century. It was first preserved in a Dominican monastery in Zadar.

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Enjoy drinks on your cruise

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Those who sails do not drink. But sometimes it is worth taking a break and tasting these specific tastes. In addition, you can also take a little with you, the rules allow you to take out 20 liters of wine with a high alcohol content and 90 liters of ordinary wine. Who feel any lack after the holidays, can make up for lost time at home, by the way, remembering the summer vacation.

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