Chartplotter in a cockpit – convenient and modern navigation

Where we are, how deep is here and how fast we sail, these data are of the most interest to the navigator of a sailing or motor yacht. Just a few years ago, to find the answers to these questions required a lot of knowledge, experience and work.

On the yachts were used analog instruments, a mechanical journal, and the location was carefully marked on the maps. Satellite navigation devices on yachts, similar to car navigation, are quite widespread now.

What does a chartplotter stand for?

Is is a modern electronic device that provides convenient navigation by sea. The equipment is equipped with a GPS-receiver and a screen. Installed on a yacht, it guarantees quick and hassle-free provision of navigation data. On a map the plotter displays, you can see your current location on a regular basis and a lot of other useful information.

Jacht nawigacja

Chartplotter in a cockpit – a convenient solution

Due to the technical restrictions, weather conditions and high prices, chartplotters have been installed in yacht cabins, most often at a navigation table for many years before. Such solution can still be found on old yachts. Modern chartplotters are most often installed in the cockpit in the immediate vicinity of skipper’s eyes and hands. Thanks to this decision, he can monitor the situation on the plotter on a regular basis and there is no need to go down below the deck every time. It is really a great convenience. Plotters installed inside the yacht are still used on ocean yachts sailing in difficult conditions, but on a charter yacht, used mainly for recreation purposes, the chartplotter in the cockpit is certainly the most convenient solution.

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Practical tips

  1. Before taking a yacht, ask for basic plotter operating instructions.
  2. Practice in plotter maintenance before leaving the port or in the very first free minute.
  3. You can download the operating instructions for a particular plotter model from the Internet when you are already on a yacht – this will help you take full advantage of its capabilities.
  4. Remember that maps in the plotter may be outdated.
  5. Remember that the plotter is just a tool that will help you, never rely on it at 100%. Compare what you see around with what you see on the plotter. Do not trust him implicitly.
  6. Plotters break relatively rarely, but just in case, install a navigation application on your phone or tablet so you can use it in case of a plotter malfunction.

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