A unique gift for International Women’s Day

Today a very special holiday is celebrated all over the world. At YACHTIC.com, we believe that International Women’s Day is a unique opportunity to express our gratitude and admiration for our mothers, wives, partners and daughters. We are aware of how much responsibility and demanding tasks they are burdened with on a daily basis. We know how difficult it is for them to sometimes cope with pressure, overwork and pain. That is why we took part in the production of a unique film that pays tribute to their steadfast attitude.

Two years ago, also on the International Women’s Day, the film etude “I walk on”, which we made together with the Rewers Crew studio, debuted. Due to the outbreak of the CoViD pandemic, it did not meet the interest we had hoped for. Today, the world’s attention is also focused on other events, but we trust that this time it will be able to reach a wider audience.


“I walk on” has won an impressive collection of trophies and awards in the international arena. The last of them include:

  • Best Music Award at Vegas Movie Awards;
  • Main prize in the “Best Short Film” category at the Indie Short Festival;
  • Main prize in the “Best Lyrics” category at the Budapest Music Video Awards;
  • Best Music and Best Film award at the London Indie Short Festival;
  • Main prize in the “Best Music Video” category at the Cult Movies International Festival;
  • Nomination for the Cannes Festival.

The message

The plot of the film is simple, but the script by Dorota Fórmanowicz has some interesting twists. This means that the work can be read on several levels and interpreted in many ways. We do not intend to reveal our “key” to understanding the message of this film, but we encourage you to watch it and share your opinion with us.

You can watch this movie there (there are English subtitles):

On this special day, we wish all women perseverance and strength to go through life with their heads held high and boldly pursue their dreams.

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