Seasickness – is it worth to be afraid of?

Seasickness is something many people are afraid of. It affects everyone, no matter what duties or functions he (or she) performs on a yacht. An experienced skipper, a real sea wolf with years of experience, as well as a completely novice sailor may suffer from this sickness.The children get sick more frequently, nevertheless, one in five adults also face it. Is seasickness so terrible indeed? Can one handle it somehow? Where does it come from? Please read on and we will tell you all about it 😉

First: where does it come from?

Seasickness is a marine-related disease, as well as the motion sickness caused by driving a car, and it comes … from the brain deception. When we are on a (sort of) solid ground, such as the deck of a yacht, that, however, constantly swings, bends over, shivers, while our maze is seething. Visual stimuli disagree with all the others; therefore, our brain gets lost from these contradictions. It may result in nausea, dizziness, perspiration, and eventually vomiting.

However, there is no particular reason for your concern. It is easy to beat this disease, but it is even better to counteract it. If you are aware of your predisposition to motion sickness, then try not to stay for too long under the deck. Stay in the cockpit, or on the front of a yacht and look at the horizon.

Second: how to deal with it?

We can recommend you from our own experience … a kind of brain deception. Find an exciting activity for yourself, for example, learn to steer a yacht, navigate, carefully look over the horizon, etc. At the beginning of a cruise, when the first symptoms appeared, try to eat light meals, avoiding strong coffee and fatty dishes. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits (preferably apples).

You can also take pharmacological anti-motion sickness drugs, the choice of which in the market is relatively diverse. One of the other methods is an external one, it is Transway plasters based on acupuncture. Chopped cones compress specific spots that are responsible for a raging defect, eliminating discomfort. We honestly admit that we have not tested this method, but we are likely to try it on beginners’ crews this year 🙂

In the end, do not worry about seasickness. As a rule, if it appears, its symptoms are mild and disappear after the first day of the cruise. Seasickness is stronger at sea, so if you are planning a Selma Expeditions-style cruise, get ready for it. However, if you are planning on yachting in Croatia, Greece, Turkey and other countries like them, then do not listen to it. It is better to take care of properly packed suitcases, good mood among the crew and the excitement of your vacation 🙂

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