On a yacht: where are a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom?

Those who have never been on a yacht, or just have the experience sailing on Omega, some information of “a housing” will be quite useful. In this post, we will briefly introduce you with how an apartment on a yacht looks like.

We enter through a terrace

In the South Seas we most often go to the yacht “in the back”, i.e., from a stern. For your convenience, we mostly get on a yacht through “a bridge” called a trapezoid, and, passing through it, you can find yourself on a yacht’s “terrace”, i.e. in a cabin. In nice sunny days, we spend most of our time here. There are a table, comfortable benches and a place where your captain steer a yacht.

Hall and a living room

From the cabin through a door called the way down, we enter our living room (dining room) with a kitchenette or a galley. In the living room we have sofas and a table which can fit the whole crew, and there are a stove, a fridge and a sink in the kitchen, and sometimes, depending on the equipment of a particular yacht, a microwave and a dishwasher as well.

The sofa in the living room is usually a fold-out one and when assembling the table, two people can sleep comfortably on it.


From a living room we go into a bedroom, called cabins here, where we have beds (berths) and wardrobes for our belongings. On the back of the yacht we have aft cabins (usually double cabins with a wide double bed). On the front of the yacht (i.e. on the bow) we also have cabins. Depending on the size of the yacht, there are one or two double cabins with double beds. On large yachts, sometimes there are so-called shipowning cabins. It is a bedroom of the owners of the house. It is the largest and the most comfortable cabin, often with its own bathroom. On large yachts you can also find cabins, beds (two single beds one above the other) and skiper’s cabins (with a separate entrance, mainly on the bow of the yacht).

wnętrze jachtu

To see the yacht’s interior

Each yacht has a specific interior design. See how your dream yacht might look like and book it at the lowest possible price!

View available yachts

You will find out more details about the yacht “bedrooms” in a post “On a yacht: where does everyone sleep?”.


Depending on a size of a yacht, we have one or several smaller or larger bathrooms with shower, sink and toilet. They have enough place to store cosmetics, etc. The standard on most yachts is hot water in all taps and in a shower.

Garden on a beach

Going out through the terrace (cabins) to a roof of a yacht (i.e. board), we are on our own beach, where there is enough place for sunbathing and relaxing, and any moment you can jump into the water. Coming out of the water, you wash yourself under our garden and beach shower, which we also have on board.

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