Is sailing with children safe enough?

Many parents dream of getting rid of the daily stress and spend their holidays in warm countries. The fear usually appears in their minds, associated with how appropriate it would be to take a child with them. Will they provide the child with proper conditions and safety? Will their child enjoy this kind of vacation?

It all depends on the age, nature and temperament of your child. Theoretically, even infants can sail. On luxury sea yachts, the conditions are much better than, for example, on sailing boots installed on Masuria, so when it comes to the hygiene, there will be no problems. When cruising with a baby, you should not face with any problems, because he can calmly and safely sleep under the deck. The problem occurs when the children begin to crawl and walk. However, there is a very simple way. Life vests that are adapted to their height and weight must be put on children. At the request of the crew, a shipowner can equip a rented yacht with a protective net and the so-called “life line” on the handrail. It is a rope that is designed to protect a child from falling overboard. Such safety means allow a child to freely move around the deck without any specific restrictions, and reduce the parents’ stress associated with the fear that the child might drown.

If your child is very energetic and does not always obey you, then you should think about whether he will listen to the skipper’s commands. Children, who usually do not obey their parents, often listen to the commands of the skipper, because he has authority for them, and they want to learn as much as possible from him. In this case, the children willingly obey the rules of sailing.

What if my child has a seasickness?

In this case, you are likely to feel discomfort on a yacht too. The use of popular drugs for motion sickness, which suppress nausea, may turn out to be quite helpful. If a child becomes worse, then he should do something that will distract his attention. It is also important that a child spend his time on the deck, not under the deck. Compression wristbands that work on the principle of acupressure can also help. Strong motion sickness are common only at the beginning of a cruise! It is also worth remembering that if your child feels nauseous on the first day, do not be discouraged! Probably, on the second or third day, he will get used to motion sickness and discomfort, and motion sickness will recede.

Will it be quite boring for children to sail on a yacht all day long? 

NO! On the contrary, children love to work on a yacht, wash the deck, pull ropes, study knots and shacks. They also eagerly learn about the clouds, navigation, maps, and all the equipment on a yacht. If the wind allows, they can even try to steer a yacht by themselves (of course, with the appropriate support and coordination). It is very important to define all the duties, prohibitions and precepts before the cruise, for example, the prohibition of climbing the ropes. Of course, the cruise route in which the children participate is planned differently than the one in which only adults sail. After that, it is also planned that sailing on a yacht should not exceed 4 hours. This is relatively small, but when we add stops to it, sailing in the sea and playing, it turns out that the whole day is full of impressions. Places to stop are also chosen in different way. Fortunately for the smallest crew members, more and more marinas become ready to receive the smallest sailors – Italian, French, Greek and Turkish marinas have playgrounds, swimming pools and even tennis courts.

zachód słońca w porcie

A child on a yacht? WHY NOT!

We do not know a child who would not like to sail, so do not let this idea stop you!

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It all depends on your approach, ship category and a carefully planned cruise. If you decide to take your child on board with you, you can be sure that in a few years (several tens of years) he will thank you for this, because sailing attracts everyone who has tried at least once 🙂

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