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Azure of the ocean. Blue of the sky. Clean beach. Palms rustling in the wind… It’s not just another frame from the series or a photo from a catalog of exotic countries. This is a description of the Canary Islands, which are practically at your reach and… affordable. They are in fact available to all of us and therefore becoming more and more popular.

“Reach where the eyesight does not” – although we must dare to look a little further than the borders of Europe, the Canary Islands are very European. Belonging to Spain but territorially closer to Africa than Europe, a great location, which allows you to enjoy literally everything best on earth…

This is really happening…

In the age of Photoshop it is hard for us to believe that what we see in photos can look like this in reality. The Canary Islands, with the most popular among them – Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Lanzarote – are tempting with all their best. This azure ocean tones tease you with a yacht charter, so that you can have its charms at your disposal, with a sense of freedom that allows you to sail wherever you want and taste life.

Happy Islands…

There is a reason why the Ancients called them the Happy Islands. Here, the sea touches the sky and the mountains descend to the sandy shore – it is hard to avoid poetics when the landscapes cast a spell so that it is impossible to leave this place without feeling sorry. It’s a dream place for the warmth-loving ones (in winter the average temperature here is … + 18 degrees) and a pleasant alternative for those who dream of a vacation without extreme heat (average + 24 degrees in summer).

Think about it…

We can confidently recommend this archipelago of dreams as an inexhaustible source of experiences and an ideal place to rest… associated with constant fiestas, fun and relaxation.

Yacht Charter Canary Islands

The Canary Islands tempt you with a variety of attractions, which are detailed in the following posts of our blog. There is a lot to write about, there is a lot to admire, there is a lot to dream about, or rather a lot to plan – go to YACHTIC and see what yachts you can have right away in this land of azure and peace at the end of Europe.

Yacht Charter Canary Islands

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