Which yacht to rent?

Our team cannot imagine any other vacation but to spend it on board of a yacht. Freedom, easiness and complete relaxation under the sails are what we value the most in our lives. Thanks to many years of experience, we know exactly what we want, and, therefore, which yacht to choose. And what about you?If you are only taking the first steps in yachting or you have never tried it before, you are probably lost among the thousands of offers available. We will be glad to help you with the issue of which yacht to choose, after all, it is why we are here 🙂

Sailing yacht

We are talking about classic yachts with one hull and triangular sails of different sizes and in different numbers. The sailing yachts that you can rent on our YACHTIC website are modern and well equipped, so you can calmly enjoy your holiday. They usually are from 6 to 30 meters, and sailing on them is quite economical, since you do not spend as much as while renting a motor yacht, because the wind drives you. A sailing yacht is suitable for those who appreciate true freedom and are inspired by a boat that rushes on the waves. However, choosing it, you should remember that sailing requires you to fulfill certain obligations: raise and lower sails, work on moorings, shots and anchors.

piękna pogoda na jachcie

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Motor yacht

Fast, convenient and less demanding, unlike a sailing yacht. The motor yachts presented in our offer are very convenient and you will find on them everything that you will need during your vacation on board. The various available models, sizes and engine power allow you and your team to choose exactly what you need. A smaller motor yacht for a short trip with a few crew members or a large yacht with a spacious interior for a two-week cruise. In addition, the speed that you can develop allows you to travel long distances every day, you do not depend on the strength and direction of the wind (as in the case of sailing yachts), and, therefore, you may visit much more places for the short time. A motor yacht is a good option for the less experienced, lazier or purposeful beginners who want to sail in the open sea and enjoy beautiful views from the sea. A motor yacht is also a great option for those who just want to relax and don’t want to think about sails.


It looks like a classic sailing yacht, but … with two hulls, so you get a huge area, which you can use at your discretion! Spacious cabins, a large living room and comfortable equipment – it is all the catamarans are about. The absence of a keel guarantees a shallow draft, so the catamaran is an ideal option if you want to enter a shallow bay or even go to the beach! Its design makes it glide through the water at high speed, which is impossible to achieve on a regular sailing yacht under the same conditions. We must admit that a catamaran is our favorite type of yacht, for all the reasons mentioned above!

We hope that we have at least clarified some issues that will help you in your choice. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us 🙂

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