What does a yacht look like?

The first yacht cruise is always related to numerous questions and the unknown. Most of them deal with how exactly the yacht looks like! How much space is there? Is there any space to spend time, sleep and eat in? How comfortable are the conditions on board? What comfort benefits can be chosen additionally? Our team will try to answer all your questions, so you will know exactly what to expect! Let’s go on reading it.

Cockpit and skipper’s post

As soon as you get on board, you will find yourself in one of its most significant parts, i.e. in a cockpit. The cockpit is a place where the whole crew and you will spend most of the time during your cruise, resting, walking, eating or just relaxing. There is a large table with a sofa next to it where all crew members can have a seat. In addition, special facilities for the equipment and items storage are located there. Right behind it, there is a steering position with steering wheels and other devices, such as an additional chart plotter (with a screen and a GPS-receiver), which significantly facilitates the navigation. Among other additional equipment, one can find a roll or belt needle, electric capstans, an autopilot or a bow thruster.

What is under the deck?

Going downstairs under the deck, you will find yourself in the dining room. This is the place where the kitchen part, so-called the galley, is located. It is well-equipped with the cupboards, a cooker with an oven and a sink, so you can easily cook dishes here – just like at home! The large table and sofas that serve as a perfect place for dinner are located over there, as well. There are also cabins under the deck that accommodate all crew members, with the double or bunk beds and the place for personal belongings. There is also a bathroom with a toilet, a sink and a shower. Those who is looking for even better standard, can choose a yacht with the air conditioning and heating, or an electric toilet!

It is worth seeing with your own eyes!

Do you want to see what a yacht looks like? Just watch our video!

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How to prepare?

If you have already chartered a yacht cruise, check our simple tips before it starts.

Watch the movie!

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