Sail & Stay

Sail & Stay is one of the best forms of vacation by the sea. This is a combination of a stationary stay on the ground with the relaxation on a yacht. For example, we leave for two weeks to Greece and spend one week in a hotel or a boarding house, and another one – on a luxury yacht.

  1. Sail & Stay is a perfect solution for those who want to try yachting, but are not quite sure whether two weeks on a yacht is too long and will they enjoy it or not.
  2. Sail & Stay allows to reconcile different views on how to spend free time. A husband prefers to sail, while a wife prefers to lie on the beach, then it is a great compromise. Both of them will be satisfied and any unnecessary disputes will be avoided. As for the children, they will definitely be happy!
  3. It is also a very good solution for families with children. A two-week cruise can be boring for young children and quite stressful for their parents. In a Sail & Stay formula, we have great week on a yacht and a second week of entertainment on land.
  4. You save on the transfer cost. A trip, for example, in Croatia or Greece is a bit worth it. Taking into account the cost of the longer cruise and the cost of longer stay on vacation, it generally comes out to be more profitable.
  5. You have time to relax after your trip. Traveling to the south of Europe takes time and can be quite tiring, especially, for drivers, who have decided to travel by their own cars, and not by plane or bus. For two or three weeks you have more time to relax.
  6. Don’t forget to spend the first part of your holiday on land, and another one on a yacht, according to the principle that the best should be left till last! 😉
rodzina na jachcie

Do you want to try Sail & Stay?

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