How to prolong the cruise?

Most operators require to return to the marina on Friday evening. Why do they do it, does it always have to be like this?

Why do I need to come back already on Friday?

Try to understand the operator, who has to make sure he can prepare the yacht for the next crew on Saturday. It is necessary to fix minor defects, clean the yacht, perform check-out procedures. If you would plan to come back on Saturday morning, but something would go wrong, that would be a big problem for the operator as he has a lot of work to do, and every minute counts. You can also be in the next crew, and then you wanna pick up the yacht as early as possible, of which we wrote here ?.

Is there any other way?

Think about it. Are you sure you want it? Maybe it’s better to go back to the marina in the evening, pack up quietly, shower, have a farewell dinner and go on a trip home in the morning?

However, when you are sure you prefer to stay on the water, ask when you pick up the yacht if you can come back on Saturday morning. Sometimes the operators agree with that. In case the yacht is free next week, there is a good chance of success. If you assure the operator that you will be punctual and you are sure you can organize it well – try it. Remember with a smile you can do a lot!

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What do you have to keep in mind?

– take into account that you still have to refuel, you can do it in the evening,

– plan last night right next to the marina to be close,

– pack up in the evening so you can leave the boat quickly in the morning,

– if you have more serious defects on your yacht, come back Friday night

– get up at dawn: you’ll enjoy your last morning at sea and have a spare time just in case.

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