How to go on a cruise earlier?

Yachts are usually handed over on Saturdays in the late afternoon, and this does not always match your plan of getting to the marina – it often happens that you carrive there earlier. What to do to get a boat earlier than it has been scheduled before? There are two solutions.

Earlier boarding should be paid

Many operators offer an early boarding service (early check-in, priority check-in, quick check-in). It costs about 100-150 euros. If you select this option, your boat will take precedence. The marina staff will first clean it and make every possible for you to pick it up around 12:00-13:00. The advantage of this solution is the confidence that you can start the cruise earlier, the disadvantage is the additional cost. Unfortunately, not each operator offers such a service.

Method for a smile

Arriving at the marina, go to the operator’s office and say hello to let them know that you are already there. By the way, you can find out important information (for example, where to shop) or solve all the formal issues. You may suppose that if you could pick up a yacht earlier, you will be very pleased. A wide smile helps a lot ? If there are not any obstacles (other previous check-ins or more serious breakdowns happened), you will probably go on a cruise earlier. The advantage here is the absence of any additional costs and the disadvantage is that it may not work. I know from my own experience in most cases it works.

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What should be done to make it happen?

  • Fill in your arrival time as accurately as possible along with the crew list.
  • Do not demand and do not argue, it will not work  😉
  • Remember that the operator also wants to hand over the yachts as soon as possible and go for coffee 🙂

What if it fails?

However, if you could not get on the yacht earlier, somehow plan this day (shopping, sightseeing). There is nothing more tiring than … doing nothing. Warn your team that it will take quite long time and calmly take care of something else. Also do not forget that you have a vacation. Take your time and enjoy the fact that in a few hours you will start your cruise! 😀

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