How much does a week cruise in Croatia cost?

Croatia has been one of the main tourist destinations of the Poles for many years, although the cost of accommodation and meals is not as low as it used to be. Nevertheless, Croatia attracts us with its amazing azure blue sea, miles of beaches, excellent cuisine, charming towns and the hospitality of locals.

The total cost of a cruise on the Adriatic depends on many factors, in particular, on a season, a number of people on the yacht, its size, equipment and age of the boat, as well as whether it stays in port for a night, or rather, on a buoy or an anchor, and whether meals are prepared on a yacht on your own or you prefer eating out in restaurants.

In this post we are going to provide you with the approximate calculation for a holiday trip of 8 people (for example, two families) for 7 days, provided that it should be convenient and comfortable. To make it that way, we choose a relatively new and well-equipped sailing yacht with a professional captain hired who will steer a yacht and show us the most interesting places worth seeing. It can be assumed that the rental price, captain services, port charges, fuel, etc., will amount up to approx. 5500 EUR for it all, with no meals included.

If you cook breakfast and lunch on your own on a yacht with just having dinner in restaurants, and you do not really save on other things, such as souvenirs, drinks and delicacies, then it will cost approx. 1900 EUR per week. When calculated per person, it seems to be quite good for everyone. 925 EUR per week for everything included, except of the transfer. Supermarket food prices are just a little bit higher than in Poland. Thus, for example, a loaf of bread costs 8 kunas (1.08 euro), 10 eggs – 16 kunas (2.15 euro), milk – 5.75 kunas (0.77 euro), and we will pay for a kilogram of chicken 49 kunas (6.59 euro). Pizza costs from 35 to 100 kunas in a restaurant, i.e. about 4.70-13.44 euro, and fish and fries cost about 100 kunas (13.44 euro).

Having decided to sail beyond the strict season, i.e. in June or September, the charter cost with the additional payments included will be approximately in 1000 euro cheaper, i.e. approx. 4500 EUR. If you refuse to eat out in restaurants and will cook on our own in a well-equipped yacht galley, it will cost you approx. 900 EUR for the whole team. In such a modest version, you will pay approx. 700 EUR per week for each crew member, without any transfer costs included.

Certainly, sailing in the off-season, on an old yacht with the maximum number of berths, you will pay much less, but it will be difficult to talk about great comfort.

A cruise on a catamaran will be more expensive, but comfort will be higher than on a yacht. A motor yacht cruise will also be more expensive than it is indicated above, mainly due to the high cost of fuel.

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