How does charter cancellation or its interruption insurance work?

We have practically no influence on unforeseen situations. They can occur at the most inappropriate moment for us, and then the question arises, what can we do with it? Great solution is the insurance in case of charter cancellation or its interruption, that is, a kind of protection in case of any particular accidental event, so you will be able to return the money spent on the charter that you had to refuse from.

How exactly does the insurance work?

The insurance in case of charter cancellation and its interruption is optional, but you should take it into account. It is not difficult, because you can get it very quickly and simply while booking a yacht. So, in what situations are we entitled to this type of financial security? There is a list of reasons for the travel resignation or termination, which is covered by 100% and 100% Max insurance. The second option is different from the first one, thus you will receive a refund for in case of any documented event.

If you find out right before the departure that you will have to give it up, and it is caused by an accident that is beyond our control, having the insurance you can be sure that you will receive the amount paid back. Insurance also applies when something happens to you while sailing, for example, an injury on the yacht, a sudden illness, and many others. There are also a number of cases in which insurance can be applied for our relatives who are not on vacation.

Sometimes it is necessary to stop the charter in the middle of your vacation, and insurance will cover proportional return on the amount invested. If on the very first day of your seven-day vacation you break your arm, get the flu, or your documents necessary for a further trip were stolen, you can expect to receive 6/7 of the amount paid. Insurance can provide you not only with the financial security, but also the peace of mind, so essential for a successful holiday!

Crew insurance is an issue to consider when you decide to rent a yacht. It protects not only your crew and you, but also people close to you. Of course, you can expect that nothing bad will happen, but is it worth the risk? Vacation is the time for rest and relaxation, so do not worry about anything else, and if something goes wrong, you will be calm.

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