Safety on a yacht – 5 golden rules

While looking at the calm sea, feeling the sun rays on your skin, it seems to you that yachting is absolutely safe, but all the time you should keep in mind that it is still a kind of sport, which is also considered the extreme one. We are going to introduce you 5 golden rules, their observance will allow you to maximize the safety on your yacht.

1. Monitor the weather on a regular basis

Even if nothing indicates that the weather may change, it’s good regularly monitor the weather forecast whenever it is possible. If something bothers you, you’d better stay in a marina. But don’t worry, you can spend time sightseeing, talking with locals and getting to know the local cuisine.

2. Check the list

It is known that some things on a yacht are more useful, while others are less. Without some of them, we will certainly manage, but the absence of others can cause us a lot of trouble. One of such “must have” before a cruise are documents (both personal and related to the yacht), a well-equipped first-aid kit and appropriate tools. Things which absence while staying on a yacht can bring some sort of discomfort are undoubtedly sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat or shoes with non-slip soles.

3. Get to know the region where you are going to sail

It is, of course, not about knowing the location of each, even the smallest stone – why then, in the end, chart plotters for? ? However, before the cruise it is worth to plan your route in advance. It’s good to know the location of interesting, well-equipped marinas, as well as small, more secluded ports. Find out where the beaches and bays recommended by other sailors are located, where you will refuel and which places should be avoided due to constant crowds or shallow water.

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4. Fasten your seat belts if it is necessary

It is clear that you do not need constantly go around in protective braces, although it would be good to protect the smallest crew members. If the wind is strong, i.e. above six degrees, and the waves are high, it would be good to protect yourself from falling overboard. Such a situation can end tragically, because a yacht, although sometimes it is not so obvious, is moving very fast.

5. Give up the alcohol

Of course, we are talking about not drinking alcohol while sailing. A drunken crew, and, in particular, a drunken skipper, don’t sound very good, and, as a rule, it doesn’t end well either. Drinks, especially the best, homemade, local drinks, you’d better leave for the evening. When you are safely “parked” in a marina, you can enjoy any alcohol without worrying 😉

Do not forget to follow the port rules, such as, for example, the time of departure, so that a night party does not result in payment for the additional day of staying in a port 😉

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