From 1 January 2023, Croatia enters the Eurozone. The exchange rate has been set at 7.53450 kuna per 1 euro. This is great news for sailors from the Eurozone and beyond. You will no longer have to bother with the currency exchange and the problem of leftover Kuna after the holidays will disappear. In addition, questions such as in which currency the deposit, final cleaning or extras are payable will no longer arise.

This is also an advantage for people with a currency other than the euro, as you can use the money left over from holidays in many other countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Leaving aside the charter fees themselves, when going to a restaurant or for a drink it is probably easier for anyone to analyse prices in Euros than in Kuna and comparing prices with other European resorts less troublesome. 


Croatia is changing its currency to the Euro, but what about the Kuna?

Do you still have Kuna from last summer and wonder if they will be lost? Not at all! Kuna will be in circulation until the end of 2023. From 5 September this year, all retail and service outlets will have to accept payments in both euros and kunas. Prices in both currencies will then appear on shop shelves. This transition period will last until the end of 2023, after which the euro will be the only currency.

Are there any downsides to Croatia joining the Eurozone? The only downside we can think of at the moment is a possible increase in prices, as happened in some European countries after the change to the Euro. However, hopefully in this case it will be different. 

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Until recently, when planning your cruise, you had to pay special attention to the safety rules in force in the charter country, and sometimes also in the countries on the route. Fortunately, the restrictions have been gradually lifted for the past few weeks, mainly in countries with high tourist income. Luckily for all yachting enthusiasts, Croatia, the Mecca of sailors, is one of them.

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On 24 February 2022, a war broke out in Ukraine. Like any armed conflict, it has caused many unnecessary casualties among soldiers and civilians, as well as enormous material losses. Although the fighting is still going on, we are of the opinion that help for the defenseless victims of the war must start now. This is especially true for children, the elderly and the previously hospitalized.

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European countries are gradually returning to a new “post-epidemic” reality, which gives all sailors and yachting enthusiasts the chance to spend their free time in their favourite way, which is on the water 🙂 Every day new information appears and more limitations are being removed. Everything seems to indicate that after the 1st of July some of Europe’s most popular yacht charter areas will be available for sailors. It is also noted that spending your holidays on a yacht is a great alternative to spending it in a crowded hotel or on the beach.

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More than a month has passed since the outbreak of the coronavirus. We’ve gathered answers to the most common questions asked by people who have planned or are planning to spend their free time on a yacht in the most popular sailing regions. Regardless of the fact that the epidemic has already become a part of our lives, the situation is changing very quickly and what is current today, may change tomorrow, which you should keep in mind when reading the following questions and answers. We also point out that each case is a little different and is treated individually, so not everything written below must apply in every situation.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) raises many emotions and doubts. The truth is that, as of today, probably no one is able to predict how the situation will develop. has already started making settlements with charter operators about possible ways to proceed in case the situation starts to deteriorate rapidly.

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What the real passion is born of? What is the story behind it? Sailing usually means lifetime friendships and touching stories. That was the inspiration for us to show you some story. Story based on the true events, and story which could be a story of every one of us. We present to you „Don’t Come Too Early”!

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