Mediterranean Sea – a real discovery for nature enthusiasts

Mediterranean Sea is the largest inland sea in the world. It consists of 46,000 km of coastline, in total. It is known not only for its natural beauty, but also for its mild and temperate climate. Vacation spent on the shores of Mediterranean Sea can turn into an unforgettable adventure. Yachting enthusiasts will enjoy the unique landscapes.

Nature and diving enthusiasts will be able to admire the numerous species of fish, aquatic mammals and Mediterranean plants. This pond can please with its diversity. The fauna itself has about 5,000 species. For those who enjoy scuba diving, it is a real paradise. Below you can find an overview of the animals you can see in the water world here.

Therefore, you can see the dolphins, so loved by all children, on your cruise. These aquatic mammals are found both in coastal waters and in the open sea. Dolphin has approx. 2.5 meters in length and can withstand up to five minutes under the water. They live in small schools and are predators. Dolphins willingly accompany ships and boats, often jumping out above the surface of the water. 


Sea water is teeming with sea urchins in a wide range of colors. This marine animal from the echinoderms family has a spherical shape and protruding calcareous spikes. Ye should be careful of the spikes, because its pinch can cause breathing difficulties, except for the pain.


Carreta turtle is one of the rare species of reptiles that are under strict protection. Turtles live around the Greek island of Zakynthos. Because of the breeding ground, the beaches of Laganas Bay and Gerakas are closed at sunset and sunrise.

zolw karreta

One of the characteristic species found in the sea is a Mediterranean moray eel. Moray eels hunt near the crevice of rocks, most of the time hiding in crevices and grottoes. Some members of these species can reach up to 3 meters in length. These fish are nocturnal and predators. Their sharp teeth are capable of causing a lot of harm.


While observing the underwater life here, you can come across, for example, a Mediterranean sponge, a cardinal with a characteristic orange color or a white fork. Sarpa Salpa, living in small schools, belongs to the fried family. This is a small fish with silver color, cut by elongated golden stripes. Its sample can be found not only in water, but also on a plate. This is a fish corner, except for a head, which may have a hallucinogenic effect. A fish with the plume that we can come across here is Petros, also called pashpak. It has a very smooth body, long spikes on the back, and characteristic dark spots on the sides.   

While exploring a vibrant underwater world, we can come across really strange creatures. For example, a seahorse is actually a fish with its shape resembling a chess horse. Seahorses are very mobile and feed mainly on plankton. These animals are endangered, so they are highly protected.

konik morski

The Mediterranean Sea is a home for many types of species. These waters are famous for their transparency that provide diving enthusiasts with an amazing experience during underwater explorations. One of the best places for diving is Croatia. High temperature, clear water and breathtaking nature make the Croatian waters attractive for tourists from all over the world. If you have not visited this corner, do not delay! 

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