8 applications for sailors

Many, if not most, of you have a smartphone. Today, a phone serves not only for calls and writing messages, but can replace us a camera, phone, GPS navigation, and even a laptop. Many useful applications have been created for sailors, not just those for weather checking.Thanks to special programs, we can find a storm, read a map of stars, easily recognize night illumination of a boat, and also monitor sea traffic in the area of ​​selected ports. Many of them are free, but for some you need to pay several euro.

Make sure that the selected application doesn’t require a permanent Internet connection. No problems arise, if you charter your yacht with WiFi. However, if you use only the Internet in your phone, your operator may surprise you with a huge bill for data transfer. We advise you to be careful 😉

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Yachts with WiFi

While you choose a country and booking dates, check whether a particular yacht has any connection to a wireless Internet network. Thanks to it, you will have a chance to use a mobile application without thinking about your phone bill!

Book a yacht with WiFi

  1. MarineTraffic

MarineTraffic is a mobile ship chart, thanks to which we can check out the location of specific units. According to providers, the application covers most ports and sea routes, connecting to the largest network of AIS receivers. This information is not just a pleasant surprise for boats and yachts enthusiasts, but also a useful help, especially, if you want to identify congestion in certain places or general trends in sailing for a certain water area. MarineTraffic is available only in English and in the Google Play store costsapproximately 5 euro.

Aplikacja żeglarska

  1. OruxMaps

One of the most useful applications if there is no built-in GPS navigation on board of your yacht. OruxMaps uses several map sources, so it is very accurate and as objective as possible. The developer added the ability to share the record with friends in the application – it’s great if you sail on several yachts with family or friends. In addition, we have the opportunity to save specific areas and use them offline, which can be useful during a cruise without Wi-Fi on a yacht. This is a great help in navigation and the exact route of the trip – sailing with this application is simply convenient and pleasant. OruxMaps is free, but we can also support the creator by choosing the paid version for approx. 4 euro.

OruxMaps Donate

  1. Blitzortung Lightning Monitor

Blitzortung Lightning Monitor helps in locating storms. Using the application, we can track the visualization of upcoming fronts in real time, as well as receive weather alerts for the places we choose. This is a great support, especially if you are planning to cover a long stretch of the cruise route, but you are not quite sure about the weather and atmospheric conditions. Blitzortung in such situations becomes an invaluable aid that increases our safety and minimizes the risk of getting into sudden weather changes. The app is free of charge.

Blitzortung aplikacja

  1. Anchor Watch

Anchor Watch is, as it name indicates, an intelligent monitoring anchor. As it is stated in the application, we just threw the anchor overboard, and a system constantly monitors its exact position relative to yours. If your system moves too far away from the anchor, the application turns on a special alarm and sends a warning SMS message to you. Anyone who has ever had less or more problems with anchoring knows how useful such system can be. For “anchor monitoring” you will have to pay.

Aplikacja Anchor

  1. Pierwsza pomoc w sytuacjach zagrożeń

This app is developed by real cops, rescuers, medical, firefighters and ABW officers. Here you will find all about first aid, as well as learn how to respond to emergencies such as unexpected accidents or terrorist attacks. This is a pocket-sized collection of knowledge about saving others and you as well, which we can be successfully installed on your smartphone during a cruise and use it in a situation of potential threat. In addition, the program contains all emergency numbers, as well as a locator. Functionality can be tested both on land and at sea. The Google Play Store provides this useful app for free.

Pierwsza pomoc w telefonie

  1. Światła statków (“Shipping Lights “)

The application is useful to all those who have never completed a sailing course, or how the lights of the perception alarm at sea looks like have fled from their memory. In a “Study” mode, you can view various ships and lighting each of them, and the “Study” mode is a quiz form, thanks to which we can test our knowledge. Everyone who regularly sails on a yacht knows that skills in this area are very useful, especially when it comes to swim in the dark. The app is completely free.

Aplikacja światła statków

  1. Knots 3D

The Knots 3D application, of course, is not necessary, but it can come in handy, especially if, for example, we want to teach our children the basic knots. You will find 101 sailing knots here, presented in an interesting three-dimensional form. You can stop the available animations and match their speed to your own capabilities until, step by step, you learn how to knit a knot correctly. This is an ideal way to learn critical knots, also during a cruise, when we have a bit more time and opportunities to practice our own skills. An application on Google Play costs only approx. 5 euro.

Węzły 3D

  1. Dictionary of Marine Terms

This free application is available only in English, but it can be the most useful for you during your foreign trips exactly in this version. You can find the extensive sailing terminology here, which will allow you accurately express and help you in effective interaction with other sailors. Of course, this will facilitate interaction in the event of, for example, damages caused to any part of your vessel.

Terminy żeglarskie nauka

Thanks to the convenience and functionality provided by the applications for sailors, sailing on a yacht becomes much more pleasant, easy and often safer. Modern technology and additional aids help in navigation, communication and other aspects of sailing. More and more sailors are deciding to use them, taking advantage of their convenience, comfort and opportunities that sailing applications for smartphones offer. What is even better, you do not always need to have access to a wi-fi network so they can be easily used. It is worth getting the above applications and testing them yourself during a cruise!

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