Is it worth renting older yachts?

Many times I’ve been asked “Would you sail this yacht?” and pointed out the older one. Then I answered: I would have sailed! But would I recommend it?

There are many yachts that are tempted by the very low price of a charter and are most often older than 10 or 15 years. Operators make every effort to keep everything running smoothly, but as the saying goes, “the old will never be new” and the risk of a defect is always greater than on newer yachts.

Specifics of older yachts

Even when the yacht underwent a general renovation and many key equipment elements were replaced (from rigging, through sails, installations to the engine), there are still a lot of trinkets that were installed in the shipyard (some pump, valve or a simple screw). You have to reckon with the fact that not everything will be perfect.

Then why would I go? The crew is important here. When there are several experienced sailors among us, I have no doubt. In case of a breakdown in such a squad is much easier, additionally you can consult the situation with others – “two heads are better than one. Every time I go on an old yacht, I  used to say: if you’ve been sailing for so many years and always came back to port, why should it be different this time? They always come back.

Who to go with?

However, if I would sail with friends who don’t have much experience, there would be children on the yacht or just a crew expecting a higher standard than the touristic one, I would choose a newer unit. It would be easier to handle, less troublesome and simply more comfortable. Sometimes it is enough to pay just a little more to rent a younger yacht.

Summarizing, don’t be afraid of older yachts as long as you know that their lower standard meets the expectations of the crew. On the other hand, sometimes allow for a slightly higher price for a newer yacht if the crew’s expectations are higher. The difference of several Euros per person is really not a high price for the satisfaction of a successful holiday.

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