Usually in our point of view, the responsibility of the hired skipper is considered in terms of the deposit that we leave for the yacht. It is important to know that his responsibility is much greater, including the legal liability. Maybe you don’t think about it every day, but it’s similar when you drive a car, you are responsible not only for the vehicle, but also for the health and even life of the passengers. In case of the yacht it’s the same.

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Today we want to touch upon the important issue from the “sailing laity” point of view. Many people who are not so familiar with the navigation know how a typical yacht looks like and what it is for. However, not everyone knows the numerous differences between their specific types. Read more

The role played by women in the history of sailing, has been underestimated through ages. It was related to many sailors’ superstitions. For hundreds of years, the presence of women on vessels has been considered a cause of misfortune. Women distracted the crew, made the gods angry or the vessel jealous. Read more